Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lots of pictures

This post is A LOT of pictures...because I haven't posted in a LONG time.

We had Mallory's 1 year check up. Here are her stats:
Height: 29inches which is the 25%
Weight 19 lbs 5 oz which is 10-25%
She is right on track. Last week I took her to the dr because she was running a 102 temp. She has strep throat again. So we got an antibiotic and she is doing much better. She still has about 5 days left of the medicine so I'll feel much better after she has taken it all.

A couple of weeks ago (June 9th) we went to my cousin Amy's baby shower. She is having a boy Elijah in the middle of August. Here are some pictures from the shower.
The shower was at Vadsana's house and she just had a little girl. Mallory thought she would try out the vibrator chair. She was lounging for quite a while.

After the shower we went to Amy and Eric's house to hang out. Here is Aunt Karen (Amy's mom), Amy and Holly with Mallory

Prego Amy. She looks so cute. I just want to rub her belly all the time.

About two weeks ago I met Megan and Oliver at the community center for a swim. We had a great time despite the cold water.

Oliver striking a pose.

Father's day weekend we went to Rolla to visit Josh's dad. He bought a new boat so we got to go on the river. It was Mallory's 1st time on the river.
Here she is in her life jacket. It fit her pretty good but she couldn't sit down w/out her head almost popping off.

Enjoying the river in her floaty

Mallory and grandpa

After exploring for a while we decided to head back. Mallory was so tired she fell asleep in the boat

Uncle Aaron and Mallory on the boat dock.

Aaron, Josh and John went fishing. Everyone caught something except for Josh. Here are their prize catches.

We had a misfortunite accident. I laid Mallory down for a nap and Josh and I took off on the 4 wheeler for a ride. When we got back we found out Mallory had been stung by a wasp. Uncle Aaron saved the day and killed it. She cried for about 10 minutes after it happened. When we got back I put some ice on it and the swelling went down about an hour after it happened. Luckily she isn't allergic to them. She still has a little mark where it happened.

Daddy giving Mal some loving after the sting.

She took her 1st 4 wheeler ride with grandpa

Josh and I decided it was time to turn Mallory's car seat around. So now she is facing forward. I think she enjoys it much more and she isn't breaking her neck every time she falls asleep.

It took us a while but we finally got all of her birthday presents out of the boxes. Here is one of her favorites...a baby doll and stroller.

Mal showing daddy her baby

Nana helping Mallory push her stroller...she likes pushing the big one a lot better.

Last night Mallory had her 1st swimming lesson (Aqua Tot). She enjoyed it and it wore me out.

Playing w/ my hair while she's laying on her back.

There are quite a few children in the class. We found out that Jackson a buddy from breastfeeding group was in our class so they chatted it up when every they crossed paths.

Saying HI to dad

Throwing Mal in the air...she loved it. She slept so good last night too. Water really wears her out.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Royals, Walking and Parties

Memorial weekend my dad came down for a visit. We were able to catch a Royals game on Monday. It rained for about 10 minutes but we were lucky enough to have seats right under some shelter. Mallory wanted to get down and walk around but we were able to contain her the whole time some how. We even stayed for fireworks after the game and she did great. I covered her ears because some of them were really loud.

Here is Mallory and grandpa at the game

It's been raining quite a bit lately which is good for yards and crops, etc. It's been fairly nice this summer so far...but I have a feeling it's going to heat up pretty quickly.

Here is Mallory watching the rain go by.

We have been able to catch a sunny day or two that isn't too cold. I got her pool out and filled it up w/ water in the morning so it would be nice and warm in the afternoon. She LOVED it. She kept trying to get in an out of the pool by her self. She's growing up so fast.

Splashing around.

Taking a break. One thing I love about warm weather and pools is that it makes her take a really long nap.

Last Saturday (June 2nd) we travelled to Chillicothe to celebrate our friend Avery's 1st birthday. She got lots of good presents and they even had a clown to do balloon animals and a little show. It was lots of fun.
Here is Avery running. She's been walking for about 2-3 months. She sure is quick.

Mallory and Avery embracing in a hug. Avery actually knocked Mallory over because the hug was so powerful.

Mal clapping for Avery.

Avery taking a short nap after her sugar rush. She didn't really dive into the cake...she just kind of licked the frosting and then smeared it everywhere.

Mallory w/ her beautiful flower balloon.

After the party we went to Tommy and Amanda's to watch Jack and Hailey. Jack was pretty upset after they left and he clung to Josh like white on rice. Mallory tried to get into the action but Jack wanted Josh all to himself.

Mallory doing her favorite past time...hands in the cereal box. She just thinks she's soo funny when she's doing this. She's getting better about not spilling them everywhere.

Playgroup was at Nanthida's this week. Mallory found this beautiful scarf that looks like a boa...so here she is in all of her glory. Future diva!! Eventually Ethan took it and decided it was his turn w/ the pink boa...it was so cute.

Nanthida gave all the kids morca's and Mallory thought they were all for her. Four was the max she could fit in her hands otherwise I think she would have held onto more. If you even tried to pry them out of her hands she was super ticked.

On Wednesday Nanthida, Becca and I met up w/ Jen and Preston at their neighborhood pool. It was so windy that day but it was quite warm...the water was FREEZING! Mallory loved it despite the temperature.

Here is the gang: Mallory, Preston and Lucy.

Not much new is happening. Mallory is using walking as her main source to getting around. She is starting to throw more tantrums...although she hasn't learned the all important word NO yet (thank goodness). She's really starting to pick up books more and 'read' them out loud. It's really cute. We are going to Amy's baby shower today so that will be a lot of fun. Next weekend we are going to Rolla...but we have to cut the trip short because I have to work on Sunday (Father's Day).

On Thursday my grandmother had a quadruple bypass. She did wonderful and seems to be recovering smoothly. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers during this time. She still has a long road of recover ahead but things seem to be looking up.