Monday, October 30, 2006

Pumpkin Patch & Grandparents

Mallory is ready for winter in her bunny hat:)

Grandma and grandpa Bidney came in town last weekend. Grandma bought Mallory a bunch of new winter clothes. She has a nice winter bunting to wear and a cute hat. The hat still has the mittens attached to it (that's why it looks funny)

4 generations picture: Dad, me, grandpa Spencer and Mallory

Miss Addison Owen finally arrived. She is so cute and very, very healthy...she looks just like her daddy.

We went to the pumpkin patch about 3 weeks ago w/ Nana and Aunt B. We had a great time. Mallory had a blast looking at all the pumpkin crazed kids. She didn't fuss once. It was a super nice day so I put her in her she wouldn't get sun burned.

Me, Josh and Mal on our way out to the pumpkin patch.


Mallory and Josh hanging out watching the Cardinals cream the Tigers.

Two weekends ago Josh and I went to visit Sue @ Adam and Vadsana's. Here's a look at all the kids running around...YES they did out number the adults.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Changing so fast

Mallory posing for the camera. She weighed 13 lbs 4 oz yesterday; she gained 9 oz in one week...GOOD JOB Mallory. Her weight gain was kind of iffy for a while (she lost some weight then only gained 1 lb) The funny thing is that there is an 8 week old in the breastfeeding class that weighs more then her:) But she is healthy and happy so I'm not too concerned about it. She might be short like her nana and grandma.

Mallory's friend (aka boyfriend) Ethan at the breastfeeding group. Ethan loves the ladies and he has plenty to choose from!!!

I took this picture yesterday. It's hard to get her to smile for the camera because she wants to grab it and chew on it. Some days I think we are officially in the teething stage but then the next day she is fine. Tuesday she had a runny nose and was running a slight temp and everything she could get her hands on she was chewing and drooling on. She still chews on everything and her cloths are soaked by the end of the day from all of her drool. I have felt around for any teeth getting ready to poke out but haven't felt anything yet.

Josh's friend Andrew came over w/ his boys Haden (on the left) and Ben (on the right). Ben just turned a year in August so he and Mallory aren't that far apart. Ben was so fascinated w/ Mallory's exersaucer. Mallory loves to be around other really entertains her how the move around and play with stuff. Before long she'll be joining them.

The two love birds were staring in each others eyes.

Last Friday Da, Lucy, Mallory and I went up to the square to watch the Liberty homecoming parade. It wasn't much of a parade since they stopped 1/2 way around the square and got off the floats. The weather was beautiful but by the time we were done it was getting pretty warm. Da has a new wrap to put Lucy she isn't pregnant again...It's just Lucy in there

During the parade Mallory fell asleep face-out in the carrier. I carefully turned her around and she slept for a good 1/2 hour after in the carrier I turned her around.

Last Saturday Josh and I went to the mall to get our wedding rings and I had her in the carrier (she loves that thing). We stopped to eat and the next thing I know she is starting to lay her head back...she fell asleep. It was too funny.

Daddy feeding Mallory. She is starting to get the hang of cereal. I have been trying to feed her cereal at least once a day. Maybe in a week or two we will introduce some vegetables (my favorite...NOT!!!)

Mallory enjoying her fingers and cereal at the same time:

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Cereal, exersaucers and rolling

Nana got Mal an exersaucer...she loves it. It has taken her a while to get used to having so many chewing options in front of her. She gets a little overwhelmed sometimes but for the most part loves it

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Mallory playing in her exersaucer.

So Josh and I were in the kitchen getting dinner ready and we noticed that Mallory was very quite. So we looked in the family room and she looked like this.

We couldn't figure out why she looked like this until we looked down:

I think we laughed for 5 minutes until we got her straightened out. She was just hanging out, not complaining at all.

Well things have been a little rough lately. Mallory is really changing a lot and it's hard for us to keep up w/ her. When I picked her up from the sitter on Tuesday, Barb told me that she ate 8 ounces of formula at one time. She had been eating 4 ounces. It was a good thing I picked her up early because Barb wouldn't have had enough formula. Now the (kind of) bad thing about that is I'm still only producing 4 it's going to take my body a while to get up to 6-8 ounces and until then Mallory will be eating every 1-2 hours. Luckily she is still sleeping through the night...BUT she has been getting up about 3:30 to eat again because she is starving.

We started feeding her cereal on Monday. She isn't too sure about it. She pushes more of it out then in. I'm going to keep trying it and start mixing it with breastmilk instead of formula...maybe she'll like it more.

She has been extremely fussy lately. Part of that is due to my milk shortage but the other part is because she is immobile and it's making her so frustrated. She is just now rolling over and loves to sit up. So anytime she isn't doing those two things she is pretty fussy. I also have had to start swaddling her to get her to sleep...sometimes I feel like we are going backwards. But for the most part when she is happy, she is HAPPY!!! I have started to put her in the carrier and do stuff around the house so that she is entertained and I can get stuff done. It does help that we have the exersaucer but she will only stay in that about 15 minutes. I know it's just a transition stage and I'll be sad when she is mobile (because she'll be into everything). But right now I would rather have her mobile and happy then immobile and fussy. Ah the joys of parenthood.

Wedding plans are coming along slowly. I still have 30 lbs to loose before the wedding so send me your weight loss vibes so I can get the extra weight:) That is our life in a nutshell (for now).

Mallory rolling over. She has only done it a couple of times since this video but is starting to do it more often. Before I know it she'll be sitting up and crawling

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Mallory's 1st taste of cereal. She isn't too sure about it and spits most of it out but we try and give her some at least once a day.

She looks thrilled doesn't she??

Daddy snoozing w/ Mallory. I came home from running errands and I found both of them like this. TOO CUTE!!!