Sunday, May 27, 2007

Birthday Party, Graduation and Harley's

Last Saturday (May 19th) we had a birthday party for her and invited all of her friends...there were a lot of friends there. She got lots of good presents and had a grand time.

Here she is digging into some cake again.

close up of the messy face

Cake in the nose

I got this at a garage sale for $5 (yeah me!!). She LOVES it. It has a swing just her size. Here she is taking over her fort just like a birthday girl should do.

Posing with Aunt Amy (who is due in the middle of August...she is so cute preggers).

On Sunday we made the trek to Graceland (Lamoni, IA) to see my cousin graduate.

(L to R): Josh, my dad (Dean), me, Amanda, Mallory and mom (Susie)

Grandpa (Bill), Aunt Sandy (Amanda's mom), Amanda and grandma (Ann)

Mallory looking so cute.

Two good family pictures in less then two weeks...I'm shocked.

She isn't quite sure what to do.

She's already a Harley girl.

I took this picture yesterday. Mallory has developed a bad habit. Around 4 or 5 she decides she doesn't want to sleep in her own we put her in bed w/ us so we can get some sleep. It doesn't help when her crib is right next to our bed...or I would just let her cry it out.

Here is Mallory and dad sleeping exactly the same. I thought it was too funny.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Mallory

Our little girl turned 1 yesterday. Here is a picture parade of what we did on her BIG day

Got up and had the usual (warm bottle)

Got dressed and ready to show off...her shirt says Birthday Girl

Standing like a BIG GIRL...stay tuned for her new BIG trick

We took dad some lunch and got a BIG birthday kiss

Mallory thought it was her 16th birthday.

Giving the camera a cheesy smile

Went to BFSG for the last time to say Thank you to Norma.

Getting weighed...she was a whopping 18 lbs 14 oz

Visited Brooke, Nana and Cindy at work

Helped Nana get some typing done.

GIMME Cake lady...luckily I was able to find a Gluten free cake mix and she LOVES it. No reactions so far.

Happy Birthday Mallory Ann

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Diving in

Yum frosting

ha, ha

Sharing w/ Dad

Entertained by children playing in the yard. I had to pry this cake from her hands

Playing ball

Opening presents

Silly daddy and cute hat

Ended the day w/ a bath

Ready to fall asleep in the jumper


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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sleeping, New Babies and Baseball Games

As you will see in this post that Mallory has spent a lot of time taking naps.

Here she is asleep in her walker...I guess she didn't get a long enough nap in that day.

Full body shot. She has a rice cake in her hand. Because she is allergic to wheat we have to limit what she can have. She LOVES rice cakes. At 1st we were just giving her the bite size ones, then I realized the bigger ones were cheaper so I started buying those. She mow down a whole one by herself w/out us breaking it into pieces. It's pretty funny.

Here she is standing in her toy box. I was on the computer and the next thing I know she's in her toy box. She is one busy bee.

Too funny.

Last week we had a formal Good Bye to the lactation consultant at Liberty Hospital, Norma. She is in charge of the breastfeeding support group at the hospital. She has been a God sent. We started going to group when Mallory was only a couple weeks old. We would go every Wednesday and weigh and feed Mallory while we were there...and it was nice to get out of the house. I weaned Mallory just after she turned 11 months. I am sad in a way but at the same time she is getting so big and she isn't my little baby anymore. I just hope I can keep up w/ it this long w/ the next one.

Here is a picture of Mallory w/ Norma

Unfortunately not all the playgroup kids were there so we only got three of them: Lucy, Ethan and Mallory

Oh yes...on April 29th my good friends Vadsana & Adam had a healthy baby girl Pari Jun. She was born at 10:49am and she weighed 7 lbs 11 oz 19inches long. Mom and baby are doing very well. Pari was supposed to come on May 4th but she decided she'd had enough and came just a few days early. Congratulations Adam and Vadsana.

Here Mallory is sleeping her high chair. This is only the 2nd or 3rd time she has done it but each time it's so funny because you can tell she is so close to sleeping and fights it so hard then you blink your eyes and she's a sleep. The deeper the sleep the further her head goes down.

Last Saturday Josh and I took Mallory to her 1st Royals game(Buck Nite) (before it was just a practice). We had a few set backs but over all she had a great time...but unfortunately we didn't get on the Jumbo-Tron...I thought we'd have a chance w/ such a cute baby.

A huge set back for us was all the noise. She was fine at 1st but once the game got going and everyone started yelling she would look at us and stick out her lip and just start crying. It was so sad but so cute at the same time.

Here is Josh cuddling w/ Mal when she's crying.

Finally after a few cries she took a little nap. I had to cover her ears so the noise wasn't so loud. Next time I'm going to bring cotton balls.

We went to the game w/ Aaron and a couple of his friends. R to L: Josh (sticking his tongue out), Matt (whom Mallory LOVES...some call him a ladies man), Ronny and Aaron (behind Ronny's shoulder).

I thought this was a great picture. Despite the Royals losing...we still had a great time...and Mallory enjoyed 1 1/2 dollar hot dogs (minus the bun).

Well in 5 days our little girl will turn 1. I can't believe it's so close. It makes me want to cry knowing the year has gone so fast. We believe she will be walking soon. She will stand next to things w/out holding on. We try to get her to take steps but she lunges forward w/ the top half and doesn't move the bottom half. She has 5 teeth now. Her two front teeth, one eye tooth and two on the bottom. It's amazing how much they change in just a years time. I will be sure to post lots of pictures from the birthday party.