Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not enough hours in the day

Of course theses are most recent to least. Enjoy. Our camera broke so we had to use the old one that burns through batteries...so needless to say we haven't taken a lot of pictures. I know it's been 4 EVER since I have posted so I will spare the details...
John (Josh's dad) giving Chloe her 1st 4-wheeler ride

Mal and Clo enjoying their favorite summer time activity

Mal holding her ears while dad drives away on the 4-wheeler

Dad and Clo

swinging baby

Mal playing doctor

Mallory got Impetigo (staph infection) about 3 weeks ago. She is on the mend and only has a slight discoloration to the skin...but here it was in full bloom.

Clo and mama

Clo loves to look out the front door.

My happy crawling baby

Thinking the play food was real food.

Mal and Clo hanging out

Mallory is showing everyone how tall our tomato plants are. The garden has been somewhat of a success. We have been able to get cucumbers, peppers, peas, green beans and tomatos out of it. We are also starting to get some pumpkins...actually the pumpkin vines are starting to take over the whole garden.

Mal thinking (wishing) she was a baby again.

Swinging again...almost a nightly activity (no matter how hot it is outside)

Cutie pie

Clo wishing she was on the outside.

Oma helping Mal water the plants: Mal says "the plants are saying 'I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty'!!!!!"

Such a big girl

Clo and Oma

Yum socks

My goofy girls

Naked baby w/ a cone head

Clo loving on Nacho (he is so tolerant)

Baby blues

Sleeping monster

har, har

Would you like a spot of tea

My big girl Mal putting together her puzzle

Crawling baby

Sweet angel

Silly Clo

Bath time

Big sis

The girls have been great and growing.
Clo had her 9 mo check-up. She was 18lbs 1oz and only 25 inches long (fat and short). We are still using the carrier car seat...I'm not ready to give it up for a convertable carseat. She sure is heavy though. She is crawling EVERYWHERE. She loves to play/eat all of Mal's play food for her kitchen. One of these days I will have to post a video of Clo eating...she can put some food down and fast. Maybe I should enter her into one of those fastest eating contest...we could be millionaries. Clo is also pulling up on everything and kind of starting the cruse from one item to another. Clo is 10 months now...only two more months and she'll be a year. This year has flown by so quickly.
Mal is doing great and is a big help w/ Clo. Those two girls can really entertain each other. Mal's staph is pretty much gone now. Like I said before she only has a slight skin discoloration where it was. We are still putting an antibiotic ointment on it (per dr orders) and probably will continue to do it until it's competely gone.
Other then the kiddos nothing else is new. We try to get in as much family time that we can. It's hard to make time for everything when we are both working and then trying to keep up w/ all the household chores. Guess that is just a part of being working parents. Luckily Clo usually takes a nap when I get home and Mallory wants to watch a movie so I'm able to get a couple of things done by the time it's dinner time and Josh gets home. Josh and I pretty much go to bed w/in an hour of putting the girls down...so that doesn't leave much time to get other things done around the house after the girls go to bed.
We don't have any big plans for the next couple of weeks. I believe my parents will be coming into town for Labor Day weekend. We'd like to get out to Oregon and see my sister and brother-in-law sometime this year...but that is to be determined. Well, no promises but I hope to post again sooner then 3 months.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays

These are backwards of course...but enjoy.

Chloe taking her very last bottle of Mama's milk. I weaned her about 2 weeks ago. I was only nursing her at night and she was waking up like every 2 hours because I wasn't getting her enough. So I thought it would be beneficial for me to just wean her. It's been hard sometimes but I think we are both very happy. And she is sleeping through the night so that is a double bonus.

Two weekends ago, Liberty had a car show. Nana's boyfriend Freddie has quite the hot rod. Mal wanted to see what she looked like...she is one hot chick.

Memorial weekend my mom and dad came into town. Little did she know that my brother and sister (and spouses) were also coming into town to surprise her for her 60th birthday. It was a great surprise and we all had a great weekend. Everyone made it home safely and we miss all the company.

Not only was it my mom's birthday it was also Mallory, Laura and Sarah's birthday...it was also Amy and Eric's anniversary. We celebrated w/ a cake for all the girls.

Cousin+family picture: (l to r) Chris and Holly, Me, Mal, Chloe and Josh, Sarah and Stephanie, Drew and Marcy, Eric, Amy and Eli, Laura and Steve

just cousins pic

While everyone was in town they all pitched in to help us w/ our garden. Mom and Mal are watering the pepper plants. So far it's doing pretty good. The deer are getting into our green beans at night, but they've been able to bounce back w/ all the rain we've been getting.

Mal and Oma again...me in the background digging.

Uncle Cheese prepping the garden

To celebrate my mom's 60th birthday we had a big family dinner at the Herford House. We all had a great time and the food was good. Here is Mal entertaining Chloe.

Uncle Drew and Chloe hanging out.

Happy girl and cousin Holly

Me and Marcy

Of course you know Chloe is going to be happy when there is food around:)

Friday night of Memorial Weekend we went to Amy and Eric's house. Eli and Mallory had quite a good time playing in the back yard.

Here I am running around the yard w/ the kiddos

To accommodate for all of our guests for sleeping arrangements we had to move Mallory into Chloe's crib and Chloe into the pack-n-play in our room. My mom also stayed w/ Mallory on an air mattress. The girls had quite a good time sleeping in the same room...which is good because I think eventually they will both be in the same room.

Saturday all of the girls got pedicures. It was my mom's 1st pedicure ever!!! Here is a cool pic of Mal and Marcy drying their toes. W/out flash

W/ flash. I thought it was a neat picture.

Mallory had a great time hanging out w/ Marcy that weekend. She doesn't get to see her very often.

Mal and mommy's toes

Marcy had this cool picture/camera thing that maded the picture all distorted. The girls were having quite a good time making silly faces.

Mom and my little girl.

That's all the pictures for Memorial weekend. I know I probably took more but then this post would be bigger then it already is.

Chloe went to her 1st Royals game and became an official Royals fan. And while we were at the game I almost got hit by a foul ball during batting practice...seriously it was like 3 feet from hitting me...and I was holding Chloe. Scary!!!

We had Mallory's 3rd birthday party on the 17th. It was a really nice evening so we were able to grill out and let the kids all play outside. She got lots of good toys but I think her favorite was the trike she got from Nana...thanks Nana!!!

Nana showing Mal how to ride dully

Mal trying out her hula hoop

Mal and Preston eating ice cream and cake.

I made them turn around and sit next to each other for the pic above...this was how they were before.

Mallory blowing out her candles. I can't believe she is already 3.

Chloe and Ashten checking each other out. Gotta love the bouncy and exersaucer

For Mallory's birthday dad took her to a Royals game and she got the Build-A-Bear Lion. They had a great time and she was super tired when she got home.

Dad and Mal before they left for the game.

Blowing out candles on her actual birthday (May 16th)

Mal riding her new bike (that's what we got her for her birthday). She took her 1st good spill on it yesterday (6-16) and wasn't too happy about it. Luckily she only ended up w/ a scraped knee and a dirty shirt.

My happy porker Chloe...the girl loves to bounce.

Dad putting Mal's bike together while Mallory dances around w/ the training wheels...too funny!!

When we all went back to Illinois in April we were visiting my A. Anita. She made Mallory a bracelet which she loves. SO for her birthday A Anita made her two sets of clip on earings to match. She LOVES them. There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't have them on. Thank you Aunt Anita, it's the best gift she could have gotten. She is very careful to make sure she puts them in the box every night so she doesn't loose them. This is when she 1st opened the box and realized what they were.

Here she is modeling them.

Happy girl Chloe

It had rained quite a bit in a short amount of time in about middle April...like 5 inches in about an hour. We have a creek in our back yard that comes up quite quickly because in the small part of town we live in they don't have a drainage system...it all just goes into the creek. So the creek will flood quite often because all that water is going into one place. When it rained that large amt in such a short period of time it almost went over the damn we have in our back yard...I'm talking w/in 2 feet of going over. Our neighbor told us that it hasn't gotten that high in 25 years. Most of us that live next to the damn substained some flood damage, not because it was so high but it started coming back up through the drainage system in the basement. Luckily we don't have the basement finished...and this flooding has caused us to think twice about doing it. We actually only got about 2 inches or so...but we had boxes in the basement and various other things that got wet so we did have to throw some things out. Don't mind the mess, but here is a pic of the basement.

Mallory is enjoying some popcorn while we are scrabling around trying to get things to higher ground.

This is the creek at the highest point.

Mal playing in her kitchen

My chunky monkey sitting up so straight

Dad reading Mal a book.

Happy girl Chloe

My baby sleeping.

Me and Mal getting ready to clean the bathroom. It's amazing what little children love to do.

Chloe fell asleep in the bouncer.

Mal helping me give Chloe a bath in the sink.

Chloe and Mal. Chloe wasn't too happy about getting her pic taken.

Swinging at the park in Ipava while were visiting my parents.

Cool cat Chloe

Things are going well in the Sutton household. We had quite a busy month in May. Work is going well. I can't believe I've been there for almost 5 months. THe girls are getting into quite a good routine and getting used to getting up to go to the sitter. Josh's job has been going quite well. He is now in the field instead of in the shop so he is learning a lot more. The new job he has been on he has to be there by 6am so he's been dropping the girls off at Nana's house and she has been taken them to the sitters on her way into work. We wouldn't be able to do a lot of things w/out Nana's help. Thanks Nana!!!

Last I weighted Chloe (about a month ago) she was 16 lbs 1oz. She is quite the growing girl. She is now eating chunky solids...no more baby food. I've tried to give her some baby food and she isn't very happy w/ me. She loves to feed herself and there isn't much that misses her mouth so I don't have a lot to clean up at the end of a meal:) If you couldn't tell I love my chunky baby:) She is also trying to crawl. She is getting good at transitioning from sitting to her stomach w/out substaining crainal damage:) She will get up on her knees and rock back and forth. Before long we will have a true crawler and I will be scrabling around to pick everything up and get it out of her way. When we moved here Mallory was 18 months so we really didn't have to baby proof...well it's catching up w/ us now. We have her 9 month check up in the middle of July.

Mallory is a growing girl also. At her 3 year check up she weighed 30 lbs and she is 36 1/2 inches tall. She is in the 50% for weight and the 40% for height. Our sitter has been working w/ her on her letters. She is now able to distinguish between sounds and what letter it is. She is also getting good at reconizing letters. Some of her favorite things to do are play in her kitchen and play outside. She loves to dress up and dance. I really miss spending days at home w/ the girls and maybe some day I will be able to do it again.
I will update again in probably another month:) Although I will try to do it sooner. Everyone stay cool:)