Monday, March 01, 2010

The findings of February

Not much new to share about February...just stir crazy!!! As much as we love the snow, I would also like to be able to get out of the house. So A LOT of these pictures are inside and of the girls watching TV;) I know I'm mother of the year...

My Clo in her bibs...actually they are Mallory's (Aunt Lala got them for her) but since she had grown out of them along time ago Chloe gets the pleasure of wearing them now.

The girls watching Sesame Street

Clo wishing she was outside playing in the snow

Mal and dad made a boy snowman (she didn't have eyelashes or long hair so she couldn't be a girl...per Mallory)

Getting ready to play in the snow

har har...this picture is so funny. Chloe's new thing is to ride her pony while she is eating a snack. I love her face, priceless

Someone replaced my eldest with Snow White reading a newspaper

Snack time and TV, gotta love it

Me and the girls getting ready to go to the store...we all have our puffy vests on:)

The girls and I travelled to Illinois for a mini-vaca. We had a great time visiting and seeing relatives...wish we could have stayed longer but I had to work.
Again, watching TV, probably Sesame Street

Of course a favorite past time is playing the piano

I got some old toys out for the girls to play with. I have some fond memories of this particular car set.

We had to duck tape the pieces together so that Chloe wouldn't tear it apart.

Some cuddle time after a bath

Clo coloring. She is getting pretty good but I have to watch her because as soon as I turn my head the crayons are in her mouth.

Snow White again and her sidekick Chloe...or as I would like to call her there a dwarf named Whinny???

Nothing like spying on the neighbors:) I'm sure they are watching a cat or something in the yard

Mallory enjoying some lunch with Nacho. He loves to be your seat buddy if there is enough room

Chloe having a snack on the pony and making another weird face.

Mal putting on some lip gloss (also known as glip gloss)

Nothing like a little play time at Zona Rosa

Both girls LOVE the slide.

One of the few moments where they actually share things

Chocolate Cookie anyone???

Someone kicked Snow White to the curb and turned into Cinderella

More playtime at Zona. Adrienne, Mallory and Eli eating lunch.

Look mom it's a pretzel mustache (or mustard...hahaha I love Malloryisms)

So that was our life in February. Pretty boring. We are all looking forward to some warmer weather and possible playing outside. Come on spring we are READY!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I should be sewing right now

The title is true...I should be sewing, but instead I'm updating the blog for those of you who don't have facebook. So here is what has happened lately:

Josh and I had our 3rd anniversary last night. We went to an awesome place called Extra Virgin for dinner then went to Harpos for a after dinner drink. We had a wonderful time. Happy Anniversary babe!!!

On Tuesday the girls and I went to Lacy's house to distract her from painting. Clo fell asleep on Ethan's bed. I would have never been able to get Mallory to do that. I guess that is the luxury of having a 2nd child that is very laid back.

This week I started putting hair ties in Chloe's hair. It's finally long enough to keep them in. She looks so cute w/ them in.

Mal and Ethan waiting for their pudding.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Chillocothe for Janie's 7th birthday. We had a great time and Mallory was so excited to see Janie. Happy Birthday Janie.

Brooke holding Mallory so she could see.

Mal and Clo's nap times were on opposite schedules for a while so when Mal would got down Clo would be getting up. My house was a complete mess during those few weeks. Nap time is when I get everything done. Needless to say they are finally on the same schedule somewhat. So I got a lot of one on one time w/ the girls. Here is some play time w/ Chloe.

Saying cheese

Big girl

The things you do to get your children to take medicine. We let Mallory drink apple juice out of a shot glass. Parents of the year...but at least we get her to take the medicine.

This is the most recent addition to our family...the Sit and Stand stroller. I am so happy we got it. We haven't been able to use it quite yet because we've been inside through most of this yucky, cold weather. But I am so excited to break it in...I will be sad when it starts to get dirty from all the use.

Cheesy Clo looking so smart on the computer.

Play time w/ Mal. She got to use the easel we got her for Christmas. She loves to paint.

The girls being silly.

That's pretty much all we've been up to during January. Staying inside and playing. Almost all the snow is melted...we were hoping for at least one more good snow storm to play in but we will see.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Catching up

Well to speed things up a big I skipped a couple of months of pictures. This is what has been happening in our lives lately. I decided to stay home again and just work as a server in the evenings. It wasn't working out for us financially for me to continue to work full-time and pay for a sitter. I love being home again. It's been an adjustment for us all. I'm relearning the girls and they are relearning me. They do miss our sitter quite a bit. If anyone is in need of a FANTASTIC sitter please let me know and I will pass along her information. She is a super, wonderful sitter.
I've been home now for almost a month. I really miss my girls/co-workers at the hospital...but I'm glad to be home.
Here are some pictures from October to current...of course in opposite order:

Mal playing in the snow. She loves to eat ice, etc so when her gloves got caked w/ snow that was the 1st thing she did.

She ran out of snow on her mittens so she decided to eat it off the ground. Don't worry I warned her about the 'yellow' snow.

Me and Mal getting ready to play in the snow...of course I did more shoveling then playing

Chloe is all done unwrapping presents.

All the chaos after opening presents Christmas Day

Family picture in front of the tree Christmas day

Christmas Eve picture before the girls went to Nana's house. I had to go to work so I missed out on the fun.

The weekend before Christmas we went to Crown Center to go ice skating and finish up some last minute Christmas shopping. Chloe had to sit on the sidelines while dad and Mal went around the rink.

Dad and Mal trying to make it around in less then an hour.

Me and Mal. She did really good but wasn't quite ready to do it by herself. It killed my back though:)

Cutie Mal getting ready to skate.

We decided to get Mallory's hair cut. She got about 4 inches cut off. She was really excited about her new hair and it looks super cute.

After picture.

Mallory and Nacho

Chloe, she has about 6 teeth now. She has 4 on the bottom front and is cutting her 1 year molars on the bottom. She is starting to get some on the top, but nothing has poked completely through. Poor girl is getting all her teeth at the same time...some nights have been very rough.

The girls and I went to visit Oma and Gpa Dean in Illinois. We went down to Bernadotte to have dinner w/ the family. The girls and I were playing at the playground. Some of the equipment they had when my mom was little...but it still works great and the girls had a blast.

Mal playing in the leaves.

Happy Halloween. Mal was a lady bug and Clo was a bumble bee

Playing outside before it gets too cold.

silly girls

Mal w/ her earrings on that A. Anita made

Chloe on her 1st birthday. She turned 1 on October 6th. She has grown up so much since then. How did the time go so quickly.

Well, it is my goal to post at least once a month. Now that the holidays have passed I should have more time. It was pretty difficult for me to keep on top of everything when I was working full-time. Hope everyone had a happy and safe holidays.