Tuesday, November 21, 2006

BIG girl

Mallory from day one has HATED (with a passion) her car seat. So when Josh and I go shopping we try to sneak one past her and just set the car seat in the cart...well it has never worked, so we either end up carrying her or I put her in the front carrier and that is how we get our shopping done. Well now that she is sitting up like a big girl we can do this:

My Aunt Carol made this for us...its called a cootie cover. It's perfect because we don't have to worry about her getting germs off the cart and we can wash it. I never thought by the time she is 6 months that we would be able to use this. We have to stick a blanket behind her so she doesn't fall back. The whole time she was in the cart she didn't fuss once. She loves looking around (and secretly I think she likes being looked at).

So lately Mallory has been playing w/ my hair a lot...especially while I am nursing her. If my hair isn't down then she'll play with her own hair. Well I came downstairs after I got ready this morning and this is how I found her.

Adorable...She has to have one tuff head because she can really pull hard.

This is from the other day...the swing has 2 settings...one sets up a little more then the other. Well I decided we would try the one that sets up more...this is what she looked like when she fell asleep.

Needless to say I put it back the way it was. That position can't be too comfortable.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy 6 Months Mallory

Yesterday Mallory turned 6 months. She is growing so much. She gained 5 oz last week. She has been waking up in the middle of the night to eat...which I'm not used to but is fine because she wasn't gaining weight for a while.

She has been so active lately. She is getting more and more tolerant of her exersaucer and stays in it for longer periods of time...which allows me to get things done.

She is teething like crazy but no teeth yet. Everything goes into her mouth. When I look at her binkies I see teeth marks...so they are coming soon.

She is really starting to sit up like a champ. I have some video of it at the end. I have to be careful because if I look away for 1 second she leans back and conks her head. Sometimes she does correct herself so she doesn't fall over.

Oh, she has noticed her hands. I know it sounds a little late but she'll stop what she is doing just to look at her hands. She moves them around and then either pokes herself in the eye or tries to eat it off. it's too funny.


Naked baby...I had to throw this one in. She loves to look outside. This was taken after her bath which is why she has crazy hair.

She's a natural for the camera. Look at that smile:)

One happy baby...before I know it she'll be crawling.

I had to put this picture in because this is a rare moment. Mallory was so tired one night that all Josh had to do was hand her to me and she fell asleep. I usually have to rock her to sleep and sometimes swaddle her...so this is very rare.

Big Girl Mal sitting up...

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

She's a skunk

Sorry, I forgot to tell everyone that her costume is a skunk. I ended up starting and finishing it on the Monday before Halloween. Nothing like saving things until the last minute...that is the Bidney way:)

Things are going great. Mallory weighs 13lbs 13 oz. So she gained 7 oz in one week. I'm so happy because she hadn't gained anything in 2 weeks. She is so active right now. She is getting the hang of sitting up on her own...well right now it looks more like a yoga pose then sitting but sometimes she sits up really straight. I have learned not to let her try and sit up right after she eats because she spits up.

She is still just eating cereal...sometimes she loves it sometimes she isn't too interested. We will probably move onto real food in a month or so.

The wedding plans are going well. I can't believe it's 3 months away. We are pretty much done planning...just trying to get the little things done now.

Oh yeah...I got a job as a waitress. I start next week. Hopefully it will help us out in the financial state of things.

Here are some cute pictures:

Mallory playing w/ the pillows on the couch. She loves the fringe. I am finding out she loves soft things (she gets that from her dad). If she is fussy and won't settle down for a nap all I have to do is give her a soft fleece blanket and she snuggles it up to her face and falls asleep.

This is the Monday playgroup. Some of us mothers get together every Monday and let the kids drool all over each others toys.

It's actually a nice break for us moms because we can just kind of hang out and let the kids stare at each other.

Mallory chilling in her exersaucer

Friday, November 03, 2006


I know you have all been waiting for this:

YUM fake fur.

Nana holding Mallory up for a full body shot:)

Mal says: Alright I'm done

Daddy (w/ his cheesy smile) holding pumpkin head Mal

My sister got Mallory this sleeper w/ a matching hat. She almost doesnt' fit in the sleeper but she'll be wearing the hat for a while

I had to post this

This is a video of Mallory staring @ Aunt Anita while she is playing. Her face cracks me up

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Blessing and family

Last Sunday Josh and I went to Illinois for Mallory's blessing. My father did the service and it was wonderful. We went out to my grandparents farm and had lunch and cake after.

Aunt Carol is holding Mallory. Mallory is in a dead stare at Aunt Anita who is play some type of harp. Mallory was so amazed at the sounds coming out of the instrument.

Aunt Anita holding Mallory for the 1st time.

Grandma Anne, mom and Mallory. Grandma Anne gets her hand on Mallory any chance she gets. She loves babies

Mom had some of her girlfriends over for breakfast Saturday morning. Sue got to feed, burp and put Mallory to sleep.

Mom is holding Mallory and Georgianne is tickling her feet. Mallory loves being thrown in the air.

This is Mallory in a car we borrowed from Georgianne. Her feet didn't even touch the ground but she had a blast in it for about 15 minutes.

I know you really can't see her but this is Mallory talking in the car...it cracks me up

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

pumpkin carving and toes

Last week Nana and Aunt B came over for pumpkin carving. We had a great time. I don't think Aunt B ever finished hers...but we had fun.

Mallory found her toes

Mal trying to give Aunt B a kiss:)

I was at Target w/ my girlfriend Elizabeth and found these in the dollar isle. I just had to get them:

I think she makes a cuter angel. But we switch the headbands out depending on the tantrum:)

Me, Josh and Aunt B carving.

There is more to come. We went to Illinois this past weekend for Mallory's blessing. She did wonderful during the blessing. Our trip was great coming and going. She slept the whole way home on Sunday night. I was afraid that she would keep sleeping when we got home and then wake up at 2 a.m. ready to go for the day...but she didn't, she actually slept another 6 hours. She was wore out. The time change didn't effect her too much. Before the change she was going to bed around 9 and getting up around 7, but now she goes down around 8 and gets up at 6. I'm fine with that as long as it's not 4 a.m. The next blog will probably be just pictures. Mallory and I are attending a Halloween costume party at the breastfeeding group today so I'm sure I'll have lots of cute pictures from that. Happy HALLOWEEN everyone:)