Thursday, October 23, 2008

Growing girl

I am happy to report that our little Chloe is growing fast. We went to the dr office yesterday for a weight check and she is now 6lbs 6oz. She has gained 9oz since last Wednesday. Her stats are:
10% Head Circumference
3% Length
5% Weight
She is tiny but growing. The dr was very reassuring that everything would be fine even though she is very small. I had to remind her that Mallory was only 6lbs 3oz when she was born so I'm not too worried about it. In a way I like having small babies because that way they are littler longer.
Mallory decided she wanted to get all my high heels out and line them up for all to see. She is just a little OCD...if you try to move any shoes or get them out of order she gets pretty upset

This is Mallory's perspective of mom while giving Chloe her last sponge bath. Mallory is becoming quite the photographer. I know, nice pic huh?! Maybe one of these days I'll take a decent picture...not likely though

Ms. Chloe getting her last sponge bath...I bet she'll be glad when she actually gets to sit in water instead of freeze in the open air.

My little angel helping out.

Dad and Mal watching MU get creamed by Texas...that was a sad game.

I bought the wings and halo about 2 years ago in the Target dollar isle...they were a pretty good investment.

Here is a pic of Mal in the wings in October cute

Mal lounging in the bouncy

I thought this pic was funny because she totally looks bored holding Chloe...Chloe is saying 'hey' to everyone.

Here's my happy girl holding her sis

Mallory and Chloe. I'm going to try and get a good picture of the two girls together...but I think it's going to be harder then I realize.

That's all to report for now. I'm so happy Chloe is gaining weight...not that she's had any problem in that area. She is nursing great. My soreness has finally gone that was hard. I forgot how much nursing hurt in the beginning. Chloe has gotten better w/ her nighttime sleeping. She is eating about every 3-4 hours at night and during the day. At night I'm able to get her back to sleep after a feeding...before she just wanted to be awake. I think she is finally figuring out her days and nights. Mallory is still doing great. Josh and I were talking the other day about how lucky we are that Mallory is such a good girl. I don't know how many times we scold her or tell her no and at the end of the night she still tells us that she loves us and gives us big hugs. It just melts my heart. I try and cherish every moment alone I get w/ Mallory so that she knows she is so special in my heart...unfortunately for Chloe that means I have to put her down, but she doesn't mind:)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy with Two

These pictures are out of order, but you get the point
This is a game I like to call 'Who is who'. I have put pictures of Mallory and Chloe up to see if you can tell which is which:
Daddy and Chloe

Daddy and Mallory

Mallory in the hospital

Chloe hanging out at home

Close up of Chloe

Mallory letting it all hang out

Can you tell they are sisters??? We haven't gotten a good picture of Chloe stretching out because it's been so cold and we don't want to unswaddle her.
Chloe in her big girl pants...she'll be able to fit into these for a while

Chloe's 1st outing w/ mom and Oma. We made a much needed trip to Target.

Daddy changing his 1st diaper...and by 1st diaper I don't mean just at home. He was lucky enough to not have to change her until we got home and after Oma left

Mom and dad reading books w/ Mallory. Every night we read books and do puzzles then we sing songs in bed.

Having fun in the bath w/ Oma. My mom was great w/ Mallory and helping out. Mom and Mallory would play in the bathtub for almost an hour. Our little girl came out a raisin.

Oma is so funny

Miss Chloe getting her 1st bath at home. Her belly button fell off today so after today's sponge bath it's onto the baby bathtub. I think she'll enjoy it much better.

While mom was here we got the Halloween/fall decorations out. Mallory and Oma were hanging some up

Miss Mallory dressing up

Mallory and Oma looking at magazines

While my mom was here she also taught Mallory how to curl her eyelashes

She wasn't actually curling her eyelashes...but it was pretty funny.

Mal and Uncle A

Mallory getting ready to help give Chloe a bath

The weekend before Chloe arrived (10/4) we travelled out to Weston to the Red Barn Farm. We had a blast. We got to pick out pumpkins, look at farm animals and pick apples.
Mallory spotted an apple low enough for her to pick.

Pulling hard

Finally it came loose

Mal and dad amongst the pumpkins

Mom and Mal taking a seat before we headed to the apple orchard

Mal and dad scoping out the orchard. There wasn't much left to pick but the apples we got were yummy despite the brown spots on them.

Mal showing me another apple she picked.

The week before Chloe got her my friend Elizabeth and her girls: Adrianne and Natalie came over for a visit.
Mallory holding Natalie

Mal and Adrianne playing w/ the computers

Just a random picture of Mal and dad pre-Chloe.

Things have been going well in the Sutton household. We had Chloe's 1 week checkup last Wednesday (10/15). She is back to birth weight 5lbs 13oz. We have to go back next Wednesday to have another weight check just to make sure she is gaining weight steadly. She is nursing about every 3 hours. Some nights have been rough but for the most part I'm able to get an hour or two of sleep between feedings at night. Luckily I've been able to take a nap during the day after Mallory goes down for her afternoon nap. I LOVE NAPS!!! Chloe is still sleeping in our room in the pack n play. I don't think it will be too much longer before she is sleeping in her own room. Maybe once her feedings spread out a little more and I don't have to get up every couple of hours to feed her at night. It's amazing that she has been here for 2 weeks really seems like a lot longer then that. Mallory has adjusted quite well. Despite a couple of tantrums (which is expected) she is doing great. Mallory is sleeping great despite some of the noise Chloe makes. She is still taking great naps (2-3 hours). I'd say we have been pretty lucky.
Well that's about it for us right now. It's hard for me to take pictures when I'm keeping track of two girls. I'll try to post more soon.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Addition

For those of you who don't know we have been blessed with a new addition to our family on Monday, October 6th at 4:09pm.
Chloe Grace Sutton
5lbs 13oz
17in long

She came about 3 weeks early but everything went great. I started timing contractions about 5:30am on Monday and they were 5 minutes. About 2 hrs later they were 2-4 minutes. We waited until about 9, then we took off for the hospital. We got in the room about 9:30am and I was 2 1/2 cm. An hour later I was 5 1/2 cm so they decided to keep me. I got hooked up to an IV and off we went. I progressed fairly well. I did stall out between seemed like forever. Once I got to 9 1/2cm my body was ready for this little girl to come out. My water didn't break until I did a trial push at 9 1/2cm to see if I could push past the last 1/2cm. Needless to say it was about 3 more contractions and she was out. I didn't even really push because the dr was still getting set up when her head came out...the contraction pushed her out. Josh and I were both shocked she was a girl...but so happy. She is beautiful and healthy. I was luckily able to go through the whole thing w/out any pain medication. It was extremely hard at the end but totally worth it.
Awesome picture me before Chloe decided to enter the world.

Don't I look happy:)

Just minutes after. She was/is so tiny. I guessed she was 5lbs 12oz. Dr. Ohlhausen thought she would be closer to 6lbs. Mom is always right...even though I was 1oz off:)

Mallory's 1st time holding Chloe. She is already a baby hog. She is adjusting well. Thank goodness my mom will be here until Monday to help us all transition to a bigger family.

Daddy taking a nap w/ Chloe

Oma, Mallory and Chloe

I took this today. Chloe is doing so good. She is nursing great...just painful for me. She is a little jaundice, but we don't have to give her any sunlight treatments. Stay tuned for more updates.

Mom and her girls

Mom and dad w/ Chloe