Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our last week and the 1st week

Well I started my ful ltime job last week. It was a very, very tough week for me. I dropped the girls off every morning last week because I didn't have to go in until later in the morning. I did ok the 1st day...I almost cried but I held it back. I didn't want Mallory seeing me cry and being scared. The rest of the week I did pretty good unless we were checking in any young children...then it made me think about the girls and almost start tearing up. The girls love the sitter. Mallory has a blast and is always bringing home art projects. Its so cute. This week Josh is dropping the girls off because I started going in at 5:30. I'll tell you what, it feels awesome getting off at 2. The day flew by and I was out of work while the sun was still up. It really wasn't that hard getting up and going in the morning either...as long as I'm in bed by 9 the night before:) It helps that I don't have to worry about getting the girls up and in the car either.

Here are some random pictures from the previous weeks.
Miss Chloe holding her head up like a big girl. The sitter has really been working w/ Chloe on tummy time and it has totally helped her a lot. I feel bad b/c most of the time I would feed her then just put her in the bouncy seat or on her back b/c I was trying to get stuff done. Now she is getting all the attention she needs. She is totally wore out by the time I pick up the girls.

Chloe sporting her mohawk. She has cradle cap and I finally got my shampoo made (tea tree oil in baby shampoo) and we have to wash her hair every day for a week. Its been working pretty good so far. I like to comb her hair into a mohawk.

Chloe and Mal getting some tummy time

playing peak-a-boo

Mallory decided it was time for her to pump some milk for her baby.

Mal and Chloe playing

I spy a ballerina

Big girl Chloe. Funny story, this is an outfit that my sister got for Chloe for Christmas.

It's a turtleneck...which you can't tell because of her cute double chin. And EVERY time she wears this outfit she has a blowout. I'm talking up the back into the hair blowout every time. I was talking to my mom one time when it happened and she said that's just payback from Laura because she used to have huge blowouts. So thanks Aunt Lala. I'll be sure to pass this outfit onto you when you have kids.
She is getting so long...but still looks so short.

Princess Mallory rocking her baby

When Chloe gets really tired and you stick the binky in she will hold her hands and put them by her mouth

Chloe sleeping w/ her glowhorse...its like a glowworm but it s a seahorse. Some of the pics are blurry because someone (Mallory) got ahold of the camera.

Daddy and Mal reading books before bed. Since I have gone back to work Mallory has been getting to bed no later then 8. It is very nice because that gives Josh and I some quite time before we fall asleep.

Big girl Chloe in the exersaucer. Nana got Chloe a jumparoo for Christmas and we finally got it put together. She doesn't last too long yet because she is still a little too unstable for it. I'm just amazed that her little legs reach the ground.

Silly Mallory

Mallory thought that she should have a turn in the exersaucer...well she ended up getting stuck. When I tried to lift her out her legs got stuck and she ended up w/ two half circle bruses on her thighs from the seat. Sometimes I see her walking up to it and then pausing (the wheels are turning) and then walking away because she doesn't want to get stuck again.

Miss Chloe getting a bath...too cute

So far going to work has been pretty good...I really think I am going to enjoy the early shift and being able to get off by 2 is just wonderful. I don't feel so guilty for being at work b/c I am still able to spend a majority of the day w/ the girls.
Well I will keep you updated...I'm not sure how often but I will try.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year, New Changes

A lot has happened in the last few weeks at the Sutton household. Good changes for 2009. The biggest one...no I'm not pregnant (what's wrong w/ you people...do you think I'm insane) I got a full time job at Liberty Hospital. I will be doing patient registration. I start in February and we are all so excited. I'm so sad that I won't be able to stay home w/ the girls full time anymore. The best part about this job is its from 5:30am - 2pm so I will be off work early and be able to spend a majority of the day w/ the girls. That is really the only reason why I am so excited. If it was an 8-5 job I'd be really sad because I would be able to spend as much time w/ them. I've been applying at the hospital for various positions since Mallory was Chloe's age (3 mo). This is truly a prayer answered for us. It's been quite a struggle for us financially for the past year+. Even though we have to pay for daycare the extra income makes up for it.
We haven't found a daycare provider yet. I've been looking like crazy the past week or so. It's hard to find someone willing to take two girls at 5am. It's going to be a major adjustment for all of us. I'm sure once it gets closer to starting the job it's going to be really hard for me...knowing I'm going to miss so many moments and milestones from both of the girls. Just keep me in your prayers that the transition for all of us goes as smooth as it can. I'm sure I'll shed quite a few tears.
That's our big news...now on to the pictures.
Ms. Mallory making silly faces

My porker Chloe

Chloe getting some tummy time. She rolled over all by herself yesterday...I didn't even get to see it because I walked into the other room.

My cousin Holly and Chris stopped by to meet Chloe. Chloe looks pissed, she was just hungry. The girl doesn't like to miss a meal.

Mallory got an awesome rocking chair from Papa John for Christmas. Cute pic of Mal and Chloe

My mom and dad came in town this past weekend. Mom stayed w/ us so she could get as much grandchild time as possible. Mallory fell asleep on Oma.

Ashten and Chloe at playgroup

Mallory and Chloe in matching outfits we got from Aunt Betty and Tina for Christmas. Thanks girls...they are so cute.

My little angel and her cherub babe

Mallory and Nacho hanging out. She kept telling me he was squishing her.

My smiling baby

Pictures from the Sutton Christmas. I didn't get a lot because Chloe was super fussy so I was busy holding a baby. Mallory getting a present from cousin Makayla

Tina and Chloe

Mallory and Makayla. They are about 4 months apart. So cute.

So that is our life in a nutshell right now. I'm sure the posts will slow down much more once I go back to work. I will probably be even worse about taking pictures...oh well, that's just the way it goes sometimes. I'll try and post soon.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

These are (of course) out of order...most recent 1st...I don't have the time or patience to switch them around.
Lately if we don't get Mallory down for a nap by 12:30, no later then 1...then the nap doesn't happen. We did get her down by 12:30 today however she coughed so much she threw up 3 times so needless to say she didn't get a nap. Tonight I was in the other room for a couple of minutes and came back to find her like this...

Maybe she has been watching Snow White a little too much:)

Barb got us this awesome tummy-time mat for Chloe for Christmas. She really does like it. Look how tiny she is. She'll stay on there for about 10 minutes then she lets us know she is done.

Cute picture of Chloe. Her eyebrows look a little greasy because she has some dry skin there. The dr. told us to put Vaseline on the dry parts. So she doesn't have an overly active T-zone:)

Chloe is starting to stay awake between feedings more. She is also smiling...I haven't been able to capture it on camera yet but I will one of these days. She loves to smile and coo while she is laying on her changing pad. I was singing campfire songs to her tonight and she was just cooing along w/ the tune...she should know them, she heard them every night for 9 mo in my belly.

Mallory got a dr kit for Christmas...she's making sure Chloe's breath sounds are good.

Last year for Xmas we got the game of LIFE...this year we decided to open it. We had a blast playing

It's become a Christmas tradition to have mimosas on Christmas morning...this year Mallory wanted to partake:) Just kidding she is only having orange juice. She thought she was pretty hot stuff drinking out of a special glass like all the big kids.

Mal and Chloe having some tummy time

Uncle Paul letting Mallory paint his thumbs. She didn't do too bad...lets just say his whole thumb turned a different color.

Uncle Paul was her playmate for the day. He helped her get all of her new toys out...Thanks Uncle Paul.

Cute outfit Elf Aunt Lala sent for Chloe

Mal playing w/ one of the toys we got for Chloe

Cool tights

Cute outfit from Elf Aunt Lala...she has good taste.

Ripping into her 1st present.

Daddy getting ready to record the action

Traditional family photo 1st thing in the morning.

All the presents Santa brought

Pic of the note and empty plate and glass Mallory and Chloe left for Santa and his reindeer.

Christmas Eve we went to Fred's house for some good grub and great presents.
Becca and Mallory

Janie and Chloe

BFF Janie and Mallory

Josh and Aaron

Daddy and Mal singing a duet

Mal rocking out w/ her high heels on

A couple of Friday's ago we headed down to the Plaza Library for a free concert. Mallory had a good time and the new library is AWESOME...check it out sometime if you haven't yet. Mal and dad enjoying the show

Before we went to the show we stopped by the Ladwig's...they are my old neighbors from when I used to live by the Plaza.
Mal and Chloe

Jonathan (doing the bunny ears), Mallory, Andrew and Chloe

Jonathan holding Chloe. It was great to see the boys. I can't believe it's been 3 years since I saw them last (not including our wedding...but I didn't get to talk to them much then). They have grown so much. It was great catching up and I hope they got everything they wanted from Santa.

Funny face Chloe

Daddy and Chloe getting some quality bonding time in...for the record Josh is not always sleeping. I know I post a lot of those pictures...they are just to cute not to post. Josh is a great daddy and hubby. He has really helped out a lot w/ Chloe and keeping Mallory occupied while I'm nursing Chloe. Thanks Daddy:) We love you very much

Sometimes Mal likes to get in the shower w/ me and play. So after I am done and have gotten her all washed up I let her play for about 10 minutes or so. She loves her showers...but not as much as she loves bathes w/ bubbles. She'd probably stay in the shower until the hot water ran out if she could.

So that is our Christmas in a nutshell. We had a great time w/ family and missed those that weren't w/ us. Mallory is enjoying all the presents she got and also all the presents Chloe got. Nana Santa (Josh's mom) got Mallory an awesome play kitchen (which was very frustrating to put together, Josh would tell you...I got a few giggles out of it listen to him getting really angry). I will post pictures of it soon. Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.