Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mallory reading

I have great news: Mallory is not allergic to MILK!!! We put her on a milk/dairy free diet for 2 weeks and figured out that she isn't allergic to milk. On the other had she still has her mouth rash...which I'm starting to determine is just eczema. I'm treating it w/ hydrocortisone cream and will eventually try tea tree oil to see if that helps. I think the reason why it flares up when she eats is because of her saliva. So right now no other allergies besides wheat and peanuts. I'm so glad she isn't allergic to milk because that eliminated a lot of things she could eat. She has lost almost a pound in the 2 weeks she's been off milk/dairy...I'm looking forward to getting my pot belly girl back.

Mallory had her 1st peanut butter and jelly sandwich the other day...of course it was soybutter and gluten free bread. But it was a very exciting milestone for us. I can't wait to give her a grilled cheese sandwich.

Sticky fingers want to touch the camera

We are very fortunate to have stores that provide gluten free products. If this would have been 30 years ago she probably would have been on a vegetarian diet. She loves you can tell

Our little reader. I love how she crosses her legs. It made me tear up last night when I was watching her read cause it was so cute. When I read to her I point things out in the when she is reading she points at things and gets very expressive. It's so cute.

Aunt Becca had her 1st Homecoming last weekend. She was very pretty.

The whole group. There were 14 all together. They rented a limo and went out to eat together.

Becca, Mal and Nana Barb

Josh, Becca and Aaron...they pulled her date aside and gave him "the talk"

Our reader...I just hope she keeps this up while she is in school.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Every thing happens in threes

Well it's been quite a week for us. I have always been a firm believer that every thing happens for a reason and every thing happens in threes. That being said I'll let you know what has happened.

1. We heard back from the allergist this week. Mallory is allergic to wheat and peanuts. The test also showed that she was showing reactions to egg whites, barley and MILK!!!(argh) But the allergist said that since she wasn't showing reactions to these products previously we shouldn't be concerned...but she has this mouth rash that we just can't kick and I think it has something to do w/ the milk. He said we could try and elimination diet where we would completely eliminate milk in her diet and after two weeks reintroduce it...if she reacts then obviously she is allergic. Since Vit D milk (whole milk) is such a huge part of her diet right now because of the vitamins and calcium we would have to substitute soy milk and give her chewable vitamins. We haven't done this yet because I have been trying to treat the rash w/ Hydrocortozine cream...but it's not working. I'm so scared that she is truly allergic to milk...that is HUGE and really eliminates a lot of things for her. Can I just say how frustrated I am w/ this whole thing!!!

When we met w/ the allergist he gave us a prescription for and Epipen Jr. which will reverse an anaphylaxis (allergic reaction). He also recommended we get a medic bracelet. I'm not too concerned in getting the bracelet just yet because she doesn't really go anywhere out of my site. Those two things are so huge and kind of put in prospective how huge this issue is. He also said we need to stay away from foods that say they have been manufactured in a plant that does wheat, peanuts, milk, etc. But the good thing is that if we keep her reaction free for 3 years she is likely to 'grow out' of the allergy...except for peanuts, I guess that is considered a 'life' allergy.

2. On Sunday night I woke up w/ mild tooth pain...nothing I wasn't used to before. Throughout the day Monday and into Tuesday it got much worse. On Tuesday I went to the dentist to see what was up...come to find out it was the tooth I had a root canal done on about 8 years ago. When my old dentist did the crown it was too big which I believe caused air/food to get in there and infect it again. Since I had already had a root canal done he sent me to a specialist on Wednesday. The specialist said that we would have to redo the root canal and it would cost: $1300+ if insurance didn't cover it (which is possible because it's a redo) and it only had a 70% chance of taking so I might have to get it done again sooner then later. That left a very uneasy feeling in my stomach. After Josh and I talked about it and I listened to my gut feeling I decided to go ahead and get it pulled. So on Thursday morning I went into the dentist office and he pulled the tooth after trying to talk me out of it many times. So far I haven't gotten a dry socket and the swelling is starting to go down. The right side of my mouth is really getting a work out because I can't chew on the other side. So that is issue #2

3. The house we wanted got sold. I am so sad because I really like the house...but we sat on our thumbs too long. I guess it wasn't meant to be and there is another house we are meant to have. With all the dentist stuff and me not working last week it really set us back money wise so maybe it's best that we didn't make a bid on it. So that is issue #3 and hopefully there won't be anymore anytime soon.

After all the drama (if you read it all) here are some pictures to make you smile/laugh.

Mallory LOVES shoes (she is a true girl). She really loves Nana Barb's slippers. Here she is before bedtime in 'her' slippers.

I came home from work early on Wednesday (a lot of pain from the tooth I hadn't had removed yet) and found Josh and Mal like this. It just warmed my heart.

A trip down memory lane...this is Mal and Josh when she was just a month old. I guess some things never change.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Labor Day, Smiles and Lovin'

Things in the Sutton/Higgins household have been going swell. Josh and I are about to make an offer on a house...which we are very excited about. We are both ready to start a new chapter in our lives together. I will post pictures at a later time (hopefully after our offer is excepted).

Well Mallory is doing very well. She is almost 22 lbs and growing like a weed. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home w/ her and watch her learn and grow. It just fascinates me how smart she is.

Here is our ham. She is really starting to 'show off' when we are around company
She's showing her devilish side w/ her horns (she had pigs in earlier that day). This is also a good picture of all her teeth...she has 11 and has almost broken a 12th through.

Silly girl...she is sitting on my lap while I'm typing this and is cracking up at herself.

Our neighbors Brooke and Craig gave us this car. She LOVEs it. Every time she goes outside she gets into her car 'Dukes of Hazard' style...she doesn't use the door she just slides right in. It's pretty funny.

We have been visiting our friend Melana quite often lately. She just had a baby 4 weeks (which of course is giving me baby fever) ago in addition to her son Zach who is about 3 months older then Mallory. She has this fun zebra toy that lights up and bounces...last time Mallory was on it she couldn't even touch the ground.

For Labor Day my parents came down till Tuesday. I never feel like I get to spend enough time w/ them cause we are always running around.
Here is mom and Mal playing. I think mom got a good workout chasing her around.

Josh's dad and grandma came down for the weekend too.
Mallory and Eleanor at breakfast.

Josh and John

A couple of weeks ago we went to a Japanese Steakhouse. It was a lot of fun. Mallory was pretty entertained until she got tired.

Two weeks ago Monday Mallory went to a pediatrician allergist to get tested...we haven't heard the test results back yet but it was nice to talk to the dr and get some other information about wheat allergies. A couple of weeks ago she broke out really bad when we gave her a peanut so we think she is allergic to those too. We'll find out next week (hopefully). I just hope there isn't anything else she is allergic to.

They drew blood like an adult (through the arm). She did really good. It scared her at 1st but after she realized it didn't really hurt she was fine. Here are pictures of her war's on her right arm. The nurses gave her a Rainbow Brite toy because she was so good.

About 3 weeks ago Mallory and I met up w/ our friends Candi and Avery for breakfast. It was a lot of fun. Mallory couldn't give Avery enough hugs. She isn't normally like that w/ other children her age. I think Avery couldn't get far enough away. It was so cute though.

At playgroup Oliver and Mallory celebrated turning 1. They both have food allergies so I had to make some special brownies that didn't have milk, soy, wheat or nuts. Thank goodness for Whole Foods and Mother Natures Pantry stores that carry that type of stuff.

Dad and Mal being goofy. She had a pudding face.

I am hoping to hear back from the allergist this week so I can get a medic bracelet ordered (if necessary) and actually know what she is allergic too. So far it's just been guesses. I will let you all know how the house bidding goes. I started running again today (it's been about 2+ years), it wasn't too bad. I bought a jogging stroller from a friend so Mal will be training with me. We are going to train for a 4 mile race in November. I am so excited to be running again because it makes me feel so good mentally and physically. So I'll let you know how that goes too. So that is our life in a non-peanut nut shell:)(get it because Mallory is allergic to peanuts...ha, ha, ha). Hopefully it won't be another month before I post.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Elijah Lee Clarkson

Two weeks ago today Elijah Lee Clarkson was FINALLY born. My cousin Amy and Eric are very proud parents.

Eli is a very healthy boy. He weighed 8lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long. He was almost a week overdue so he came out looking like a wrinkly old man...but still super cute