Monday, August 27, 2007

Vacation...long over due

Well vacation started in Omaha, NE. We went to visit my friend Mark and some other friends.

Here is a pictures of the whole group:
LtoR: Holly and Chris, Me, Mallory and Josh, Dave and Mark

We went to the Omaha Zoo on was like 100 outside so it wasn't too much fun. This is the only picture I got because the batteries died and the new ones were all they way back at the car. We just got there and Mallory was already super hot.

Sunday we went to the park and then to brunch at a french was delicious.
Mal playing in the rocks

Mal and dad swinging. She LOVES to swing so we had a hard time getting her out.

More swinging.

Josh found this cool contraption that is like a backhoe...he had a little to much fun on it.

On Sunday night we stayed w/ my cousin Holly in Des Monies. Monday we went to an outlet mall and met my parents in Davenport. They took Mallory and Josh and I headed to Six Flags in Chicago. We had a blast...but we don't have any pictures because we left the camera in the diaper bag. It was nice to have a few days for ourselves.

After Chicago we went to my parents house for the rest of the time.

Josh and Mallory swinging at the park close to my parents house.

Mallory LOVED Nacho (our cat that my parents are keeping until we get a house) she is giving him some loving.

Going for the tail

My aunt has a pool so we had a fun time enjoying that...the water turned green after the weather got really hot.

Look at the camera

My cousin Mary was in town from Florida. This is her daughter Sara. They loved each other.

Mary, Sara, Mallory and Me

Mal pushing her stroller on the carport.

We visited my grandparents after we went to Dixon Mounds (and Indian burial site).

Mal and grandma...she is the one that had open heart surgery. She looks great and is recovering very well.

Mal loves corn...she decided she likes it better on the cob then on her plate.

Bath time w/ Oma

Oma giving Mallory her last bottle. We decided it was time to wean her after we got back from vacation. Mallory has done great and we haven't had any problems.

So that was our vacation. It was nice to be able to relax and take our time going places. Of course it wasn't long enough...but that is what next year is for.

Toothy grin. Mallory now has 11 teeth. I can't believe how quickly they have all come in.

She loves to wear every ones shoes and walk in them. It's too funny.

Helping in the dishwasher

Yeah...happy baby.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby showers, swimming and being goofy

It's been a long time since I have posted...sorry.

July 18th Mallory had her last swimming lesson. I am sad it's over because we had a blast. Luckily she is a little fish and LOVES the water. I just hope she doesn't forget it over the winter.

July 31st we threw a baby shower for our friend Melana (mommy to Zach). She was sure surprised and we had a blast pigging out. The biggest hit was the diaper cake.

Baby Z decided to come earlier then planned. Lucas Andrew arrived on August 10th and weighted 7lbs 13 oz (I think...I'll correct it later if I end up being wrong). Mom and baby are doing great. Big brother Zach is adjusting very well.

Picture of the whole group at the shower:
Front row: Melana and Zach, Nanthida and Lucy, Lacy and Ethan, Jen and Preston
Back row: Emily and Mallory, Megan and Oliver

Miss Mallory being goofy.

Her hair is really starting to get long and the cutest part is it curls in the back.

Cheezing for the camera

I realized the other day that I seem to be taking less and less pictures of Mallory. She is so cute and is really starting to expand her horizons more and more...I unfortunately don't have my camera attached to my hand every time she does something cute.

Playing in the pool...look at that cute butt

Cheezing for the camera

New sun glasses...that stay on for about 5 seconds before they are ripped off.

Last week we went on vacation...I will post more of those pictures as soon as I get them loaded.