Saturday, July 14, 2007

Monkey on your back

A couple weeks ago the playgroup I belong to decided to have a BBQ so the dads could meet and finally figure out which person goes w/ which kid.

Moms: Nanthida and Lucy, Jen and Preston, Megan and Oliver, me and Mallory, Melana and Zach (Melana is expecting in August) and Lacy and Ethan.

Dads: Josh and Mallory, Charles and Lucy, Jason and Preston (behind), Mike and Oliver (in front), Dave and Zach, John and Ethan

Good family picture

Mallory is doing great in Aquatot (swim lessons). Josh and I switch off every other time. She's even been going under water.

Making splashes w/ dad

Baby bounces


Mallory is really starting to figure out things, it's so cute to see things just click. She is really starting to climb more and get into things.

She thought this would make a great play room for her.

About two weekends ago we went down to my friend Jennifer and Aaron's house. Their daughter Addison is 9 months old. She weighs 2 lbs more then Mallory:) She is so cute and is starting to crawl around. Mallory had a good time patting her head and playing with her toys.

Makayla is their older daughter (I think she'll be 10 in August)...Mallory was so fascinated by her.

Just hanging out.

Don't you just hate it when you have a monkey on your back.

Mallory Loves monkeys. We went to my cousin Amy's house yesterday...they are having a boy in August...and the babies room is covered w/ monkeys...Mallory had a hay day.

Monkey Lovin'

Mallory is starting to say more words. She says baby...which she carries around most of the day. She also says Uh's so cute.

Playing outside w/ baby. She likes to give it hugs and's too cute. I have tried to get it on camera but whenever I have the camera in my hand she tries to take it away.

Not much new is going on. My grandmother is out of the hospital and is recovering very well. Josh, Mallory and I will be going on vacation the 1st week of August. We can't wait. It will be nice to spend some time together and not have to worry about work schedules. We are getting closer and closer to buying a house. We got an approval letter for a loan so now we just need to start looking at houses...the fun part!!! Wish us luck. The good thing is that we don't really have a deadline...although we would like to be out of here by September. Anyway that's all for now. Be careful and stay cool!!!