Sunday, September 28, 2008

Link to Drew and Marcy's wedding photos

For all of those who haven't seen the wedding pictures for Drew and Marcy's wedding...check them out. Marcy's brother Stephen did them and they are great.

Again, congrats Marcy and Drew. See you soon.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Things

Last Saturday Josh decided to cut up a tree that had fallen over during one of the 'floods' and have a wienie roast. It was totally put together last minute but we had fun.
Jen and Preston came to see all the excitement...notice the huge pile of brush in the background.

Well, lets just say Josh had a hard time getting the fire started...the timber was still a little he decided to use a little 'starter'.

After about an hour or more of trying to get it going after the lighter fluid he decided to get the big guns out...gas. Lets just say the wet brush was no match.

We were able to enjoy some roasted wienies and smo'res. The most shocking of all is Mallory didn't like toasted marshmallows...she isn't our child.

Earlier on Saturday I went to the Moms2Moms sale in Liberty. I was able to get some good things for cheap. I was mostly looking for play clothes for Mallory. I was able to buy her a couple of dresses for this winter.
Mal trying out her new wings and cute

I must admit my little girl is a girly-girl. She loves her shoes, purses, bracelets and dress-up clothes.

Playing w/ a punching ball. I tried to talk her out of taking it outside...knowing it would get popped, but I guess some lessons have to be learned on their own. Luckily I bought a package of 3 so she wasn't too upset when she saw we had another one.

No new baby news. I am going to the dr every week now. Last week my BP was 130/68 and the baby was 144 bpm (beats per minute)...which is going down from 150s but still very healthy. Josh was very happy because this means its in the 'boy' heartbeat range...lower for a boy, higher for a girl. I do remember Mallory's going up into the 160s the last couple of appointments we had before she came into the world. So we will see in about 4 weeks if it's a boy or girl. Josh is so funny because every time I say something about the baby being here in about 4 weeks he looks at me and says don't say that. In a way we are both nervous, excited, scared about what is to come. Regardless we are going to do great and adjustment is just one more step to being a bigger family.
I think the funniest question I have gotten so far during this pregnancy is if we are going to have more kids. 1) why would you ask a 9 mo pregnant woman that 2)I just say if we are going to have more it will defiantly be when Mallory is in kindergarten/1st grade. But a lot can change between now and then. Only God knows when when will have more children. I am looking forward to enjoying the two I have for now.
I catch myself getting frustrated w/ Mallory or things that aren't done around the house and I have to realize that this is precious time I have w/ her and before long there will be another one that requires attention. So that means my house is a total don't be shocked when you come over:)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rain, Rain go away

Well it's been a busy time for us lately. I have been working on the nursery like a mad woman...and I'm almost done. I just have to get some toys organized then I can officially retire from that room until the baby gets here. Of course Mallory has had fun checking out all the 'new' toys and testing them out.
So this is a little of what we've been up to lately:

Last Wednesday we went to playgroup knowing that we were going to throw a "Happy Baby" shower for one of the moms Jen (due Oct 4)...low and behold I had no idea they included me. Those sneaky girls really pulled a fast one on me. We had a great time and I LOVE the diaper cake...I can't believe how small size 1 diapers are. It's amazing how just over 2 years ago I met these woman by chance and now they are some of the closest friends I have. THANK YOU girls for everything you've done. I'm looking forward to many, many more years to come (and kids)!!!
Here is a picture of Jen and I showing our bellies

Pic of the diaper cakes and some yummy cake Megan made

As I said earlier Mallory has been very interested in all of these 'new' baby toys. I'm not to thrilled about letting her sit in things or get in the crib and play w/ baby toys...but she wasn't backing down on the bouncy. She loves this thing...which is ironic because she hated it when she was a baby. I have to remind her that it is for the baby and when the baby comes it gets a turn in the bouncy. It's really like the ultimate lounge chair for her...see below.

Apparently Mallory has been talking to Nacho about how great the bouncy is, so he wanted to get in on the action. Hey at least we have 2 automatic seat warmers:)

It's been raining quite a bit lately because of all the hurricane stuff blowing our way. Mallory absolutely LOVES it because we let her play in the puddles. I must say playing in puddles after it rained was one of my fondest memories when I was a child

Mal and dad w/ their matching galoshes on

Taking a seat for a moment

Mallory was trying to give dad a hint about mowing the lawn

These pictures are from earlier in the week. I can't get enough of my little girl thoroughly enjoying herself.
Checking outside to see if its still raining

We have a creek that runs behind our house and it doesn't take much for the water to come up. In the middle of the picture is the bridge (the sides stand about 3 1/2 maybe 4 feet tall...the bridge itself is probably about 10 feet above the creek) give you some perspective on how high it gets. But as soon as it stops raining it doesn't take long for it to go back down.

Splashing around

On Sept 6th Mallory and I attempted to go to Ballet in the Park at Powell Gardens (about an hour south from Liberty). It had been raining on and off all day...but I called right before we left to see if it was still on...and it was. By the time we got there they had cancelled it. We were both sad but had a good time anyway.
Mal eating the picnic dinner on the car. They closed the gardens at 6 so we weren't able to see anything.

Mommy and Mal shot

Cheetoe hands

This one is for Aunt Lala. She got her this tutu for Christmas last year and she is finally able to wear it. It is really, really hard for me to convince her to take it off during nap time and when she goes to bed. She is so cute though (don't mind the messy hair).

Some family time outside...notice the tutu

She is getting pretty good at kicking the ball. We are working on throwing and catching next

So that is our life lately. I'm deeply into my nesting stage. Since I have the nursery pretty much done I have moved onto closets and cabinets...I'm driving Josh nuts. It's one project after another. I figure I won't have time after the baby to really do anything besides shower and sleep...hopefully I will be able to do more then that but you never know.
We had our 33 week check up last Wednesday. Things are good...though I did get a 'watch the fried foods and sweets' warning. I've only gained 20 lbs but I was 20lbs heavier when I got pregnant. Despite the warning I'm still eating what I want in moderation...I'll worry about watching what I eat after the baby. My BP was good and the baby's heartbeat was 155 (good and healthy). We have another appointment on the 24th (week 35), after that I start going every week. So It's onto the home exciting.