Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cold weather and BBQs

Mallory enjoying her massage. I give one to her after every bath (about every 2 days). She loves to get her legs massaged but isn't too keen about having her arms away from her body.

Mallory in her big girl sweats. I think they are too cute...even though they go up to her nipples.

Michael holding Avery and Mallory. Avery has grown so much...she is already eating food and drinking juices

Avery, Michael and Mallory. Michael had a thing for Mallory...Josh was ready to take his hands off her:)

Well, I meant to post this about a week and a half ago but time has flown by and so many things have happened. We went to Michael, Candi and Avery's for a BBQ. We had a great time. We left in time to go to the Fall Festival in Liberty. We walked around for about an hour or so. We kept running into people Josh knew and hadn't seen the baby yet. It was quite cold by the time we left the festival so we had Mallory all bundled up.

Last Monday (9/25) Mallory had her 4 month checkup and SHOTS!!! She is doing great. I was kind of worried because the week before she had lost 3 ounces and didn't want her weight to drop even more. But she had gained 7 ounces in less then a she weighed 12lbs and 8oz at the dr appointment. Here are her stats:

4 Months:
Height 23 1/2 inches: 25th percentile
Weight: 12lbs 8oz: 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 15 5/8: 10th percentile

Dr. Lively was a little worried w/ her head size and asked me if I had a small head or Josh...I know Josh doesn't..and I don't think I do. But I do know Barb's head is a little small and probably my moms too. He said that since she is so alert and active then he isn't all that concerned. So we'll just see

Like I said before lots of milestones have been passed this past I'll update you when I get the pictures loaded.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Johnny Jump Up

My mom sent us a Johnny Jump Up for Mallory. This is what she likes to do so far:

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It's too funny. She is a little too small for it right now...but I still put her in it daily so she can get used to it. When I lean her back (so her face isn't smashed against the front) she dose bounce some...but she mostly likes to chew on it. It won't be too long and she'll be just right for it. Unfortunately we don't have any door frames downstairs so Josh is going to get some hooks and screw them into studs. That way she can jumping around and we don't have to worry about her hitting a door frame...ouch:)

Mallory and I went to the Community of Christ church today here in Liberty...Josh was hunting. The church is beautiful and the congregation is very warm and friendly. I was surprised how many young families. It was very refreshing. I did talk to the pastor about the wedding. He is going to get back to me about the date. So cross your fingers.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Too Funny

Da, Lucy, Mallory and I went to pick up my wedding dress today and on the way home this is what we experienced.

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Eventually Lucy stopped crying but Mallory kept going until we got home (about 20 min). It was like Mallory's cry was serenading Lucy to sleep. Lucy didn't make a peep the rest of the way home.

Lucy and Mallory BFF.

Lucy was getting ready to do her famous tomahawk chop to Mallory

This is the 1st time Nacho has really gotten close to Mallory. He even let her pet him. I think he has been pretty desperate for some's been about 4 months since he has gotten a good rub down...poor kitty (bad parents)

Daddy feeding Mallory. I thought this picture was so cute because she is playing with his beard...usually she is painfully pulling on it.

Beautiful baby blues. I just love this picture. She is finally starting to get the thumb sucking down. She was totally content like this for about 20 minutes.

This is my favorite picture of Mallory and Josh.

She gets so much bigger every day and does something even cuter then the day before. This is such a fun age and we have waited a long 4 months for this...but every late night and early morning has been totally worth it. Josh and I couldn't ask for anything more perfect.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

High Chairs and Baby Showers

Mallory and I at my friend Jennifer's baby shower. Her baby Addison is due in October...although she might come a little bit earlier then that. Mallory and I had a grand time...we are so excited to see baby Addie

Last weekend Josh and I put together Mallory's high chair. Here she is trying to chew off her fingers. It's pretty funny because sometimes she sticks them so far in there that she gags herself...we have to physically remove them so she doesn't keep doing it. She has gotten her thumb a couple of times and it is just too cute.

Here she is playing w/ one of her favorite toys...Mr. Blue Bear. I think she likes it because she can actually pick it up because it's so lite.

This is a pumpkin my grandmother gave us. It has Mallory's name carved in it...except she forgot one 'L' but who cares it's still adorable.

Come here my pretty pumpkin. he he he!!!

Not much new is going on. I wanted to post some more adorable pictures of Mallory. She has been drooling A LOT...especially if she is chewing on something i.e. her hand, a toy, her bib. Its quite entertaining to see how fascinated she gets when she notices her hand and it moves...but then 10 seconds later she doesn't even realize that she was look at her own hand and moves on to a toy or something else to chew on. I don't think she is teething because she hasn't had a fever or been extremely fussy...but I guess we'll find out of she is. I know 4 months seems early to have teeth but mom told me that my brother Drew (I think) was teething at 4 months. I just hope it doesn't interfere with breastfeeding...time will tell.

She has been so happy lately and coos a lot. She is totally a morning person (after her 1st nap of course). She usually gets up between 6 and 7:30, eats (its more like a snack) then takes another 3-4 hour nap...then she is the happiest baby in the world. In the early, early morning she just wants to eat and go back to sleep. After her nap I can stand over her on the changing pad for an hour and we'll babble back and forth. I love this stage but in a way it makes me sad because I know that she is getting big and those little milestones will be coming fast. I just want her to stay a baby forever.

Josh and I have been struggling financially lately. I went around last week and applied for part-time jobs. I haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully I can work just in the evenings so that we don't have to have a sitter for more then one day. If I had to work during the day I know most of my paycheck would be going towards day care...its so frustrating, to be paying someone to be away from my child. I really enjoy being a stay-at-home mom and Josh and I are going to try to keep it that way. So keep us in your prayers.

The wedding plans are moving along. I think we almost have all the vendors/places booked...although we are having a hard time finding a church. I called the Community of Christ church in Liberty but no one has called me back. I am also looking at a Lutheran church just outside of Liberty. I told Josh our best bet (as far as money) would be to use a Community of Christ since I am a member and Independence has a plethora of Community of Christ churches. I tell ya is very hard to keep the very small budget we have. I believe we will probably end up going over...But hopefully not too much.

Oh more thing. Mallory officially weighed 12 lbs at the breastfeeding class last week. Her 4 mo checkup is at the end of September...dreaded shots!!! I'm sure she will be past t he 13 lbs. mark by then;) She's growing like a weed. She is still in some 0-3 month clothing but is fast approaching 3-6 month clothing. It's been quite cool in Liberty lately (which I love...fall is one of my favorite seasons) so I have been putting her in long sleeves, pants and cute little socks. Before long she'll have to start wearing a jacket. "it's the most wonderful time of the year".

I know you all want to know the pumpkin trick. Grandma said that when the pumpkin is little (she grows them on the farm) just take a key or something that will scratch the surface and write the name in it...when it gets bigger then it will look like the picture above. Good luck!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

The crazy Bidney family back together again...

Marcy, Drew, Laura, Dean (grandpa), Susie (grandma), Mallory, Emily and Josh

What a crazy, crazy weekend. We got to Illinois a little after midnight. Laura and I spent the last hour and a half on the road thinking of camp songs. It was a blast...I can't believe we remembered so many. Eventually we ran out of camp songs and started thinking of cheers. Everyone was up when we finally got there. It was great to see family again. We haven't all been together since Amy's wedding (about 3 years). My dad didn't know my sister was coming. He was very surprised when he saw her sitting in the front seat. He also didn't know that my brother was flying in from Maine (Drew's girlfriend picked him up) so he was surprised again earlier that day. Dad couldn't believe that we 'pulled one past him'. Well he didn't know about the other surprise...his 60th birthday party on Sunday. It was great. We had him take grandpa Bidney (Spencer) to Macomb...about 1/2 hour away and while he was gone we got everything set up for the party. Friends and family came to surprise him. It was great to see the look on his face. Surely he didn't think Laura and Drew flew in just for a long weekend.

It was Aunt Laura (aka lala) and Uncle Drew's 1st time seeing Mallory. I think they love her more then Josh and I do. It was so great seeing them holding her like it was like 2nd nature to both of them. I just wish we all didn't live so far apart. Oh well, that just means more traveling (which I love) for us.

Mallory loved seeing everyone. Plus she got held 95% of the time we were there...which is a total bonus in her mind. We did have some rough patches though...grandma didn't have a baby swing so sometimes it was quite a challenge to get her to sleep. Sunday night Aunt Lala was holding her and she fell asleep around 7:30...she didn't wake up until 7:30 the next morning. Of course she hasn't repeated the 12 hour snooze...but it will come eventually. She's still sleeping 6-8 hours so I am thankful for that.

Also Sunday night we had a campfire and sang camp songs after everyone from the party left. We didn't have much participation with the songs but we enjoyed the fire and smores. Marcy (aka fire nazi) enjoyed building a fire for us...and a fine fire it was.

So the weekend was wonderful and short. We got back to Liberty on Monday evening. Laura flew out Tuesday evening and then everything was back to the same ol' thing.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Uncle Drew holding Mallory next to the huge maple tree in the front yard. Yes there is a face in the tree...but it doesn't talk

Grandma feeding Mallory...she is in the classic "I'm tired" pose

Cousin Amy holding was quite cool this weekend so Mallory got the oppertunity to wear her camo jacket that Grandpa Sutton got her

Uncle Drew rocking Mallory to sleep in the porch swing. She loves being outside and to be able to fall asleep while outside is heaven for her.

Aunt Lala holding Mallory in the famous porch swing...this time she wasn't quite as happy to be in the swing

Cousin Sarah holding Mallory...she thought she was flying

Grandma and Grandpa with Mallory before we had to leave

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cute Pics

Mallory and daddy after daddy got home from work. Nothing like being 1/2 naked on a really hot day

Josh got Mal this teddy bear at the Chief's game

Mal and daddy snoozing.

Mallory loves her mobile. This is the 1st time she has really looked at it w/ amazement. It also gives me 10 minutes of hands free time.

Mallory is really starting to sit up more. If she is laying down she demands to be sat back up. She loves to stand also. It's amazing how strong she is. Before long she'll be sitting on her own.