Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mallory

Friday, May 16th Mallory turned 2 at 12:19am. It's hard to believe that in 14 years she will be driving a car:( She is growing up so fast. We had a great birthday week.

We celebrated at playgroup w/ all her friends.

She was afraid to blow out the candles.

Diggin in

Cute but messy

On Saturday we had her party. It was so nice out we did it outside. She had lots of great friends come over and celebrate.

Her Mickey Mouse cake I attempted to make

Singing Happy Birthday

Cheese...she just wanted to lick all the icing off the cake

Yum cake

Janie and Mal

We forgot to open Oma and Papa's presents at the party so she got to do it the next morning.

Crazy hair

Yea, jammies

On Sunday we planted some flower and watermelon seeds. Mallory had a blast.
Drinking water

Mommy lovin'

Papa John and GG came up for Mallory's birthday but had to leave before the party. Luckily papa was able to get Mallory's swing up. There hasn't been a day gone by that she hasn't spent at least an hour in it.

Things are great here. Mallory is getting so big. It's hard to believe she is 2 now. For so long we were saying she is almost 2...now she actually is (sigh).

Oh, I forgot to post, we had a dr appointment on May 2nd. Everything sounds great. The baby's heartbeat was 148 and the dr said I felt right on for 14 weeks. We have the sonogram on June 6th (2 weeks). We are not going to find out the sex...although Josh is convinced that he can slip the sonotech some money so they will tell him and not me. He wouldn't be able to keep it a secret anyway. I said the only way we would find out the sex is if I were having twins. Which I doubt because I don't feel that big.
Over the past couple of days I have been feeling the baby move a lot more. 'It' is very active...especially right now, kicking like crazy. It's going to be a while until Josh or Mallory will be able to feel anything. It's kind of nice having these moments to myself...something just between me and the baby.

Well I will post again soon. Hopefully the next time we will have pictures of the sonogram.