Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thanksgiving/Christmas in Portland

Yeah, I got my camera cord back:) Here are some pics from our trip to Portland:
Me and Mal at KCI waiting for the plane

Mal and Oma in front of the Christmas tree

Mal showing off her favorite Christmas present...her PINK sparkly shoes

The aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner...Drew and Dad

Uncle Cheese aka Steve

Bath time w/ Oma...she is sucking it in

Posing w/ Papa and Oma

Aunt Marcy, Mal and her bag o' marshmallows

On Friday we did our family Christmas since we won't all be together at Christmas
Aunt Lala waiting for everyone to gather around the tree

Mallory helping collect paper and bows

Dad helping Mal open a present...this vest is so cute on her

Opening her leotard and tutu from Aunt Lala

More presents...much needed sleepers


Me and Mal getting ready to do some shopping

Papa and Aunt Lala

We had a wonderful time in Portland...its so beautiful there. I didn't get pictures of our Turkey Trot we did Thursday morning...boy was it cold. It was a 4 mile walk down hill and back up. Once we were done we were ready to eat. We didn't do much besides just sit around the house. It was nice to catch up w/ family and relax. Laura was a great hostess (as always) and a wonderful cook. Steve you weren't too bad yourself:) p.s. thanks for warming up the crab for was delicious!!! I did capture more on film then I did on the camera which is why I don't have many pictures. But it was still a wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas and we'll never forget it.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Painting is fun

Just wanted to let you know we haven't posted any pictures because I left my camera cord in Portland. My sister will be sending it soon. By then you will be able to see before and after wall colors.

We signed papers on the 29th so we are officially homeowners...and we are realizing the cost of everything that goes into it. We bought primer this weekend to paint the walls. I never realized how much primer it would take. Hopefully this week we can get some colors on the wall. Next is carpet and then moving. I can't wait...our goal is to be in by the middle of December. Wish us luck.

I will post pictures soon.