Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things we have been doing lately

I have missed a lot of posting opportunities lately, so I thought I would indulge you and post some pics of what we have been doing lately.
A couple of weeks ago the DeWildt's came back into town for a visit. It was great seeing them and they are settling in well back in they sold their house in KC so that was a relief.
Mallory sure missed Jack.

It all started w/ a look

Then lead to a hug

The next thing I know they are making out:) We told them to was too cute.
Of course Josh had to make sure Jack's intentions were good.

Close up. It was great seeing them. Hopefully we can get up to Michigan sometime to visit.

Playing outside w/ her big Tonka truck

She thinks its a ride sometimes

Bath time. So funny

Showing off her piggies

Pretty girl sitting on our bed

Playgroup (minus Nanthida, Lucy and Zoe) went to the Liberty Fire Station for a tour a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun despite Mallory being super clingy. Notice her crying. All the kids got to sit in an old fire truck.

Sitting w/ the boys: Ethan and Preston

Making her pose for the picture

Sitting in the ambulance

Group picture: Ethan, Oliver, Mallory, Preston and Zac

Pic w/ the tour guides...Luke is in the corner. Zac decided he was done taking pictures and Ethan was soon to follow.

The last treat of the day was the singing fire hydrant. Lets just say the kids kept their distance

They all watched it but from a very safe distance.

Despite the tears Mallory does remember the trip and I think she had a good time. We'll have to do it again in another 6 months...maybe she'll be a little more receptive to the idea.

Last weekend we kind of started potty training. Although it's not going like I'd want it to she does go potty on the toilet. We started putting her in pull ups because I didn't want to clean up a mess every 45 min right after we got off the toilet. So far its going pretty well. I think its more of training the parents then the child.

Sitting on the potty like a big girl.

So those have been our adventures over the past month. Mallory and I will be attending Supavan's baby shower today. We are going to have a lot of fun and hopefully I can get some pictures.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Illinois and BIG Surprises

Mallory and I ventured to Illinois this weekend to visit mom and dad and also to see Aunt Anita who was in town from Wyoming. It was a wonderful and very laid back trip. We had a great time despite the snowflakes. I didn't get very many pictures since I spent most of the time chasing her around.

On Sunday after church Mallory got her 1st hair cut. We didn't cut a lot off we just got it trimmed up. Aunt Sandy cut it for us and did a great job. Mallory was such a BIG girl and just sat there so still. I was very impressed on how well she did.

Before shot of the hair...she had pigtails in earlier

BIG girl getting her hair cut

Sitting on my lap

I think she kind of liked it.

All done. Me, Mal and Sandy. I got my hair cut off too. It's above my shoulders and I love it.

Mal lovin' her new hair cut

After our hair cuts we went out to grandma and grandpa Edsall's for a fish fry. It was lot of fun seeing family. My cousin Brian and Nicole came w/ there new addition Garin he is 6 weeks already.

Here are pics of the great grandchildren: Mallory, Garin and Giana

I know, you all probably thought the hair cut was the big surprise...well it's not...

That's right, Mallory is going to be a big sister. We are going to have another addition to our family at the end of October.

I am going to copy off some other blogs by answering a few questions ahead of time:

When am I due:
October 28th, I am 12 weeks today

How close will Mallory and the baby be:
2 years 5 months

Were we trying:
Yes and it happened a lot sooner then we thought it would.

How am I feeling:
Great, no sickness or anything like that. Pretty much how I felt w/ Mallory. I haven't gained any weight yet so I am happy about that (I've got 20 lbs of cushion from the last pregnancy)

Are we going to find out the sex of the baby:
Nope, we like surprises

We haven't been to the dr yet, but that will be happening w/in the next 2 weeks. I have been procrastinating about it because I'm kind of nervous. Once you hear the heartbeat it makes everything so real. There is a lot of things we want to get done before #2 comes along. Plus I have been feeling great. Sometimes I think I feel the baby move...but it's just gas. I am already starting to get a pooch but I'm not going to post any belly pics for a while until it starts looking more like a baby belly then a beer belly.

So that is our BIG news. I will keep you updated on all the fun and exciting stuff.