Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall is great

There are a lot of pictures on this post so I will cut to the chase.
Miss Chloe snoozing in the bouncy. We have to swaddle her 80% of the time. I feel bad because her arms are always glued to her side but that's what she likes. Not hearing her cry all the time keeps my blood pressure down too.

Big sis Mal

A couple of Sunday's ago I had my friends Lacy, Ethan and Zac over for Lacy's b-day...the big 2-9. We had a great time eating and laughing. Mallory and Ethan had a great time playing. Josh was wonderful because he watched over the little ones and Chloe while we were chatting. Thanks honey!!! You are the best.
Me, Zac, Chloe and Lacy

Enjoying some b-day cake w/ our Princess b-day hats

Happy b-day Lacy...Ethan and Mallory blew the candles out for her.

John and Eleanor came up for a visit a couple of weeks ago. Here are the guys trying to replace a breaker...lets just say our breaker box is super old and it didn't want to let go of the breaker.

Eleanor and Chloe

Mom and her girls.

Miss Chloe got her 1st bottle the other day. She did sucked it right down got her calmed down (swaddled). I haven't been pumping on a daily basis (because I hate pumping)...but I need to get some milk stored up for when I start working again.
Mal feeding Chloe


Guess who is a BIG girl and goes on the potty...Mallory. We started potty training a couple of weeks ago and it's been going great. We still put her in a diaper at night but she does great during the day.

On 11/5 we had our playgroup Halloween. The kids look so cute in their outfits.
Here are the two newest members of playgroup. Ashten (Preston's little brother born 9/30) and Chloe. Ashten was full term. Chloe and Ashten are 6 days apart.

Mallory and Chloe

Another pic of Chloe and Ashten

All the kids: (L to R) Mallory, Oliver (lion), Zach (firefighter), Ethan (batman...he blends in w/ the fireplace), Luke (construction worker), Preston (horsey), Chloe and Ashten

Look who is awake and not crying.

Bright eyes

Mallory is really starting to want to play more w/ Chloe. She is good about keeping her distance but I usually have to remind her to be gentle.

Wednesday it was so nice out Mal and I decided to rake the yard and play outside. Mallory loves the leaves. She kept getting her toys out and playing w/ them while she was sitting in the leaf pile.

The weekend of my baby shower (9/27) Josh, Mallory and Aaron visited Papa John and GG in Rolla.
Family pic: Josh, Mallory, GG and Aaron

Josh and Mal. She likes to hide her face when she doesn't want to do something.

They all went fishing and Mallory caught the biggest fish (w/ dad's help) on her princess pole.

Holding up her catch

Mallory and GG

Mallory has really been giving me a run for my money lately. She has been acting out a lot and getting just as many spankings. I finally figured out the other day that she is acting out for attention. I really haven't been paying very much attention to her during the day because I am so busy trying to get chores done. Then when I finally do sit down it's to feed Chloe. On Wednesday when we went outside (Chloe was in the swing inside) Mallory had a blast and was extremely good that day. In part I kind of feel like a failure because I can't always give her all the attention she needs...but in a way I guess that is what happens when you are the oldest (I wouldn't know, I'm the youngest:). So my goal ever day is to spend more floor time w/ her. I am hoping this works because before too long I'm going to loose my mind.
She has been doing great w/ potty training. Only a few accidents and all but two have been pee-pee. I am really surprised how well she has taken to it because we have tried before and it never stuck. Oh well at least I don't have to buy diapers for her every 2 weeks now.
Everyone have a happy and save Thanksgiving. I'll post more after the holidays.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Daddy's big deer

Last Friday Josh got his very 1st kill with his bow. He got a good size doe. We were very excited...and even more excited when he found someone to take the meat. We don't not have any room in our freezer for it.
Daddy before he left.

This was Saturday morning. He killed it right before dusk so he didn't have enough time to go and look for it. Luckily it was still there in the morning.
Aaron, Mal and dad checking out the kill

Daddy and Uncle A cleanin' her out before they took it up to Holt

Chloe, dad, Mal and Uncle A. What a classic family picture. What do you think about this picture for a Christmas card???

Mallory's new bff Coe.

Last week my cousin Amy, Eli and Aunt Karen brought us Subway for dinner. It was yummy and it was great to see them. I feel pretty lucky...we to got to see them 3 times w/in a week.
Aunt Karen and Chloe...she is a slight baby hog. Just Kidding Aunt Karen, we know you love the babies.

Amy and Chloe

This was the best picture I could get of Mallory and Eli they are fast

Our sweet Chloe. One of these days I'll get a good picture of her not sleeping...but that is just about all she does now a days

I know two post in one day...what is the world coming to??? Don't forget to vote today. Mal, Chloe and I made a trip up to the clubhouse to's such a beautiful day.

Mal & mommy w/our I voted sticker

Sleeping sweet

Mal playing in the leaves

Mallory is really loving the leaves. This is our 1st place w/ trees big enough to produce large amounts of leaves. We are going to rake this weekend and Mallory is going to have a hay-day running through piles.

Float like a...

BUTTERFLY. A blue butterfly as Mallory would tell you. You can't really tell but her favorite part of the costume was her silver sparkly shoes.

My Mal and her baby blues...they matched her wings perfectly

Ready to trick or treat

We headed up to the square for trick or treat on the square and ran into the Horton's. They kindly took a picture for us.

Daddy and Mal waiting to cross the street. Chloe didn't dress up this year...I was too lazy and tired to make or buy something for her. I thought about making her a cocoon to match Mallory's costume...but I was too lazy

My sister and her husband came to visit the 25-27. I didn't get very many Laura you are going to have to send some my way. We had a great time while they were here. Laura was a huge help w/ Mallory and Chloe. I know she loved holding Chloe. We miss you a bunch already and hope to get out your way sometime next year.
Saturday night, the 25th, we went to Smokehouse BBQ at Zona Rosa. Mal had a little fun outside while we were waiting for a table.

We got to see Amy, Eric, Eli and Aunt Karen at dinner too. Here is Mal and Eli having fun.

Sunday we headed up to Grandpa Bidney's to celebrate his b-day.

Eric and Eli having fun.

Mallory really enjoyed her cupcake...I think she looks good w/ a mustache

Mal reading books w/ Uncle Cheese aka Steve

Sunday afternoon my friend Sue and her little boy Kalani brought us some was yummy. Mallory love shoving toys in Kalani's face.

Sue and Chloe

This is Mal's new favorite hiding spot. She talked dad into checking out the new spot w/ her.

This Sunday I attempted to give both girls a bath in the big tub...I would advise you don't try this w/out help. We put the baby bathtub in the big tub. Mallory was really good. She was more interested in putting shampoo in her dry hair then helping out w/ Chloe.

I don't think I'll be trying this again unless Josh is home. It was nice not to have to give two separate baths though.

Daddy and his clean girls.

Chloe is doing good. She is sleeping about 4 hours between feedings, which is nice at night because I can actually get some zzz's in. Our lives are pretty, change diapers, sleep and do laundry. That about sums it up. We are going to a Halloween party tomorrow for playgroup...hope to get some good pics of the kids. Happy Halloween!!! Just think in about 3 weeks it's going to be Thanksgiving. Man time flies!!