Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Staying Busy

On Saturday we went to my friend Sarah (Kohler) Hartley's wedding reception. It was a lot of fun and she was so beautiful...I didn't get a very good picture of her. I saw lots of people I haven't seen in years. It's amazing how much some people change and how some don't.

Of course we sat w/ Da and Charles. I had to post this picture because it looks like Mallory is trying to pinch Charles.

By the end of the night it was time to go. Mal surprisingly didn't fall asleep until we were almost home.

She just woke up from a nap when a package from Aunt Lala came in the mail.

Reading her new book...thank you Aunt Lala

Her new Levi bibs...they are so cute.

She had pudding for a snack and the spoon got a little out of control

Last Friday Josh and I ate at the new Mexican restaurant on the square Los Compos...Oh MY GOSH it is by far the best Mexican I've had in a LONG, LONG time (but not as good as Dos Reales). We had a great time despite loosing our waiter. Mal was able to eat a taco because the shells are made out of corn.

Dad enjoying his food.

Uncle Aaron and girlfriend Hailey helping Mal put my high heel boots on. The girl LOVES shoes.

Dad and Mal waiting for a table at the Big Biscuit. She is getting so big.

Well it's Halloween...we have lots of events planned today so we will be busy. I will post pictures soon. Everyone have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall is Here!!!

I know, I know it's be a LONG, LONG time since I have here we go. Last weekend Mallory and ventured to Illinois to spend time w/ the fam. My aunt was in from Wyoming...and my uncle was supposed to come from Florida but didn't make it for various health reasons. We stayed in Illinois until Tuesday morning. It was a nice, relaxing get away. So instead of a LONG story I'm going to cut to the chase and let you get to the pictures.

Mom and I went to Wendy's and they had this cut out so of course I had to get a picture.

Mallory has finally learned how to go down the stairs correctly. She wanted to help Oma (my mom) w/ the laundry.

Quick story: Josh and I call this basement the Oma and Mallory basement because it is seriously like 5'7" so every time we go down there we have to cock our head so we don't hit it on every beam. We looked at a house the other day that totally had a basement just like mom and dads. Random I know!!

Me and Mal...doesn't she just look thrilled.

My one horned devil (no that isn't what she is for Halloween this year)

We were out somewhere and she was so tired but wouldn't give up until I handed her Mr. Bunny...then she was out like a light. She held him like this until we got home.

Looking at all the rotten 'apples' aka tomatoes (she pretty much calls every fruit or veggie an apple)

Helping Oma pick the green 'apples'

She was such a good little helper. I know mom really enjoyed it.

Mal in 'the swing'. To say she LOVES it is an understatement. She wanted in it every time she went outside. We even had to have one last swing before we left.

Sunday night my grandparents had a wienie roast. Grandma finally got her hands on Mallory...she is too quick for great gma sometimes.

Showing great, great aunt Margaret her 80's shopping cart. I dug this thing out of the garage...I used to play w/ it when I was little. The story goes that I used to put my cousin Amanda (pictured below) in it when she was a baby (she's 5 years younger then me).

Cousin Amanda showed her how to screw on a bottle cap...that was the entertainment for the evening.

Me trying to give Mal a kiss...she is already shying away from me in public

When we got to the farm grandpa was loading up his beans from the field.

The ultimate 80's shopping cart.

Everyone sitting around. R to L: Aunt Anita, Oma, Grandma, Michelle and Amanda

Amanda and grandpa showing Mallory how to run the 4 wheeler.

Poor Amanda had to take her on 3 rides because she wouldn't get off.

So in a nutshell that is what we've been up to lately. Halloween will be interesting w/ her allergies. We'll have to buy stuff she can have and just trade it out. She can't even have twizzlers because they have wheat in them. Oh well. I better make sure I have some benadryl just in case she gets a hold of something. I'll post more sooner then later.

P.s. we are still house hunting...but I have a feeling we are getting close. Keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Busy Weekend

Last Friday my Great, Great Aunt Lill passed away. She would have turned 100 on Saturday. She is in a much better place and she has wanted to go for quite a long time. She was always witty and kind. She had the most beautiful skin too. We got to see a lot of family this weekend (some I don't think I've seen since I was little) because we were going to celebrate her birthday...but instead we honored her memory with a nice memorial service. This picture was taken last year when Mallory was only 2 months old...right before Aunt Lill's 99th birthday.

Rest in Peace Aunt Lill 9/29/1907 - 9/28/2007

Last Thursday Mallory and I went to lunch w/ my friend Natalie. We had a blast and got to see her new pad:) Mallory LOVED her dog but at the same time was afraid of it.

I decided to get Mallory's cowboy boots out last Friday to see if they fit (they are a size 5 and she is in 4 right now)...she was so cute in them I had to show her off. So we went to Nana's work and paraded her around.
Here she is begging for a Dumb Dumb

She is signing please. She's getting good at doing her baby sign. It's nice to know what she wants w/out her whining all the time.

Liberty's Fall Festival was this weekend. We had a great time. We got to dance to music and eat a funnel cake (the only reason why I wanted to go) and Mallory got to ride her 1st carousel and down a BIG slide.
I was holding onto her really tight because she kept slipping

Notice the death grip I have on her clothes

Dad won Mallory a couple of prizes...he's our 'he man'

We went down this slide...I was contemplating on doing it and about crapped my pants when I got to the top and really saw how steep it was. But we braved it and went down anyway. I think I caught air on some of the bumps. Look at Mallory's's so funny. I don't think she enjoyed it too much.

She conked out before we even went around the block.

Sunday we met my dad for dinner at Sonic before he left to go back to Illinois. It was nice to see so much family this weekend. In a couple of weeks we are going to have a more formal memorial service for Aunt Lill.