Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not enough hours in the day

Of course theses are most recent to least. Enjoy. Our camera broke so we had to use the old one that burns through batteries...so needless to say we haven't taken a lot of pictures. I know it's been 4 EVER since I have posted so I will spare the details...
John (Josh's dad) giving Chloe her 1st 4-wheeler ride

Mal and Clo enjoying their favorite summer time activity

Mal holding her ears while dad drives away on the 4-wheeler

Dad and Clo

swinging baby

Mal playing doctor

Mallory got Impetigo (staph infection) about 3 weeks ago. She is on the mend and only has a slight discoloration to the skin...but here it was in full bloom.

Clo and mama

Clo loves to look out the front door.

My happy crawling baby

Thinking the play food was real food.

Mal and Clo hanging out

Mallory is showing everyone how tall our tomato plants are. The garden has been somewhat of a success. We have been able to get cucumbers, peppers, peas, green beans and tomatos out of it. We are also starting to get some pumpkins...actually the pumpkin vines are starting to take over the whole garden.

Mal thinking (wishing) she was a baby again.

Swinging again...almost a nightly activity (no matter how hot it is outside)

Cutie pie

Clo wishing she was on the outside.

Oma helping Mal water the plants: Mal says "the plants are saying 'I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty'!!!!!"

Such a big girl

Clo and Oma

Yum socks

My goofy girls

Naked baby w/ a cone head

Clo loving on Nacho (he is so tolerant)

Baby blues

Sleeping monster

har, har

Would you like a spot of tea

My big girl Mal putting together her puzzle

Crawling baby

Sweet angel

Silly Clo

Bath time

Big sis

The girls have been great and growing.
Clo had her 9 mo check-up. She was 18lbs 1oz and only 25 inches long (fat and short). We are still using the carrier car seat...I'm not ready to give it up for a convertable carseat. She sure is heavy though. She is crawling EVERYWHERE. She loves to play/eat all of Mal's play food for her kitchen. One of these days I will have to post a video of Clo eating...she can put some food down and fast. Maybe I should enter her into one of those fastest eating contest...we could be millionaries. Clo is also pulling up on everything and kind of starting the cruse from one item to another. Clo is 10 months now...only two more months and she'll be a year. This year has flown by so quickly.
Mal is doing great and is a big help w/ Clo. Those two girls can really entertain each other. Mal's staph is pretty much gone now. Like I said before she only has a slight skin discoloration where it was. We are still putting an antibiotic ointment on it (per dr orders) and probably will continue to do it until it's competely gone.
Other then the kiddos nothing else is new. We try to get in as much family time that we can. It's hard to make time for everything when we are both working and then trying to keep up w/ all the household chores. Guess that is just a part of being working parents. Luckily Clo usually takes a nap when I get home and Mallory wants to watch a movie so I'm able to get a couple of things done by the time it's dinner time and Josh gets home. Josh and I pretty much go to bed w/in an hour of putting the girls down...so that doesn't leave much time to get other things done around the house after the girls go to bed.
We don't have any big plans for the next couple of weeks. I believe my parents will be coming into town for Labor Day weekend. We'd like to get out to Oregon and see my sister and brother-in-law sometime this year...but that is to be determined. Well, no promises but I hope to post again sooner then 3 months.