Monday, April 27, 2009

Big girls

Of course these pictures are out of order...but here you go.

Chloe is eating cereal and jar food now. She LOVES it...if you could see her thighs you'd know I wasn't kidding either. She has been a great eater so far...nothing she doesn't like. We are still on vegetables for now, we are going to start trying fruits in a couple of days. No allergic reactions so far. I am a little more concerned w/ Chloe having an allergic reaction since siblings are more like to have food allergies if older children have them. We are going to be more careful about giving her high allergy foods (wheat/peanut/eggs/tree nuts) in hopes her system won't develop any type of reactions to those food.
Chloe's 1st taste of cereal. It was love at 1st sight

1st taste of solids...yum peas

Smiling girl...with food in her mouth.

Barb got us this jumparoo for Christmas. Chloe loves it.

Lounging on the boppy

My little Easter bunny

Mallory and Aunt B hunting Easter eggs

Pretty dresses

Hanging out on the floor

Chloe and Nana dying eggs for Easter

Josh put Chloe in the bouncy...backwards.

Mal and Chloe

We went to Indep Center a couple weeks ago. Mallory got to ride the carousel. She loved it. Next time she told me she is going to ride up the stairs...there is an upstairs part.

Playing on the play stuff at the Indep Ctr

Chloe sleeping...sweet baby

My girls going for a wagon ride.

Silly face Mal. I think I caught her in the middle of saying something.

Mal and Chloe

Chloe in her sweatpants.

One day in early March I had to take a day off b/c Mallory was sick and wasn't able to stay at the sitters. We got home and she crashed on the couch. She slept quite a bit that day. Chloe stayed at the sitters so I could take care of Mallory. I forgot how easy it is to take care of just one child. Mal and I had a good time hanging out.

Chillin' w/ our shades on.

Chloe smiling big.

Work continues to go well. I have my 90 day review in a couple of weeks. It's hard to believe I've been back to work for 3 months already. I miss the girls very much on a daily basis, but it is nice to go to work and feel productive and actually bring home some income.
Chloe continues to grow and grow. She had her 6 mo checkup on April 9th.
Height: 21inches = 1% - yea, finally on the scale
Weight: 14lbs 3oz = 11%
Head: 33%, I don't remember the exact measurement
We finally have Chloe broke from sleeping in the swing full-time. She is now sleeping in the crib all the time. She is rolling front to back very well. She is almost rolling back to front...but not quite. She loves to laugh and talk (very loudly). Her and Mallory have conversations of their own. She is a growing and very happy girl.
Mallory is still doing great at the sitters house. She can now spell her name and knows all her primary colors. She can count to 30 and is learning her address. Our sitter is fantastic and does such a great job w/ both girls. Mallory still watches Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Snow White on a daily basis...usually w/ her princess dress on. She is really growing into a beautiful little girl...and extremely sassy/bossy. She loves barbies and is starting to do a lot of rolling playing with them. She loves being outside, especially after the rain.
Josh started a new job. He is now doing an electrician apprenticeship. He seems to be very happy with it and is anxious to get into the field instead of doing stuff around the shop. This job has been a prayer answered and will be a very beneficial trade to know in many ways.
Hopefully my next blog update will be in less then a month...but you know how it goes.