Monday, March 24, 2008

Birthday, Easter, Parks and Vistors

I must say that I have been slacking in a big way about updating the blog. I guess my free time is spent elsewhere then in front of the computer. So it's about time I update and let you know what has been going on in the past month of our lives.

I recently got a massage job. I'm working one day during the week and on Saturday. During the week Mallory goes to the sitter. Bless her heart for taking her for only one you know how hard it is to find a sitter for just one day a week. I will eventually pick up another day during the week. I'm taking it easy w/ massage because I don't want to burn myself out. I'm still working at Longhorn a couple days a week. So far it's working out pretty well right now.

Follow the pictures and I will explain what we have been up to:
Amy and Eli visited a week or so ago. Mallory was sleeping through 1/2 of their visit but luckily we got some pictures before they left.

So cute

Mallory loves her cousin Eli

He loves hair.

Mallory decided she wanted to put my stocking hat on. I think it's a little big.

Mallory and dad making breakfast

She is a very good helper in the kitchen.

We decided to check out the Liberty Easter Egg Hunt on the 15th. It was super lame. It was kind of cold and yucky out. Liberty parks and rec wouldn't let anyone park in the grass so we had to wait for a parking spot. Then when we got there the 'egg hunt' wasn't even outside. It was in a building and we didn't even have to 'hunt' for eggs (see below).

You have no idea how disappointed I was. I got Mal all bundled up (like two layers of clothes) and myself bundled up so we could do some true hunting (you know shove other kids out of the way...just kidding). By the time we left the line to get a parking spot was seriously a mile long. Josh and I kept saying it's not worth it to all the silly people waiting. But we made up for it w/ an Easter Egg Hunt at Nana's house.

Naked time before bed.

Mal ready to read books then sing songs and settle in for the night.

Josh's birthday was on the 12th...he turned 26. Sadly I don't have any pictures on his birthday. But he did get a package from Aunt Lala...of course there was something in there for Mallory too.

Stumptown coffee is made in Portland and Josh has become slightly addicted to it. Thanks Aunt Lala...and Happy Birthday honey.

Friday Josh had the day off work so we decided to venture out because it was awesome out. We found a park not too far from the house (w/in walking distance). Mal and Josh had a great time playing on the equipment. Luckily we had the whole place to ourselves.

She loves the slide... I won't tell you what it said (bad words), I'm sure you can figure it out.

She loves the swing too.

Climbing up the ladder like a big girl.

Saturday night we met up w/ the cousins (Amy, Sarah and Holly). They were all in town to play for church on Sunday. We ate some Mexican food, it was awesome. It was nice to see everyone. It's hard to get everyone together at once now that we are older.
Amy and Eli, Stephanie and Mallory.

Sarah and Holly

Me and Eli. He was cracking up. I wish I had video. Mallory was not too happy that I was holding him though. She usually does pretty good but I think she was tired.

We went to Nana's Sunday night for an Easter feast. It was wonderful.
Mallory got a big Tonka truck from the Easter Bunny.

Despite it being quite chilly Josh and Aaron hid eggs anyway. Mallory had a blast trying to find them.

A basket full of eggs.

Dad helping Mal find the eggs. Thanks Nana for a great Easter evening. Mallory was so tired she feel asleep on the way home.

Mallory loves her sunglasses. Usually I have to help her put them on because she can't figure out how to do it w/out poking her eyeball out.
On the way home last night Josh looked back and she had her glasses on. The funny thing is...

They are upside down.
Side view.

Too funny. She is growing up so fast. It makes me sad sometimes because I realize she isn't my baby anymore. But she is a beautiful, smart and loving little girl. And that makes me very happy.