Friday, April 27, 2007

Just catching up

While we were gone last week Josh missed Mallory so much he bought her a cute outfit and a teething toy. She now has 3 teeth...she finally got one on the top left and now she is getting two more at the same time. It's been rough the last week or so because she's had a runny nose and be really fussy.

Here she is holding on to her new toy for dear life...she feel asleep w/ it too.

Spilling Cheerios all over...she was in heaven.

Being silly

Showing some skin

On Monday we met Da and Lucy for lunch to catch up. Here is Mal being goofy.

Da trying to get Lucy to eat some puffs.

After lunch we went to Party America to get some decorations for Mallory's 1st birthday...May 16th. I can't believe it's almost here.

Tuesday for playgroup we went to the Independence Center and played around on the foam toys. Mallory had a BLAST!!!
(L to R): Preston, Lucy, Mallory and Oliver...the little boy in the black is Tommy. He and his mom were there just to play...he is the same age as Mallory (11 months) only he is 30 lbs...Mallory weighs 18

Playing w/ Bob the Builder

Taking over the toy. If there were two steering wheels Mallory had them both.

Cheesing at the foam mushrooms

She loved to walk across the bridge. Unfortunatly it was too steep for her to be able to crawl across it. She still had a blast though.

Mal is looking at Missouri Conservation w/ Dad. She loves all of the colorful animals.

Giving dad a hug after he gets home from work.

Monday, April 23, 2007

On the Road again

Last week was a busy one for Mallory and I...unfortunately Josh had to work so he stayed in Liberty. We ventured to Illinois to visit Aunt Anita and Uncle Kenny. Uncle Kenny hadn't met Mallory before. A. Anita flew in from Wyoming and U. Kenny drove from Florida. They both try to get back at least twice a year...since I didn't have anything going on I thought it would be a nice break to visit w/ the family. So Mallory and I took off Sunday afternoon after Lucy's blessing. We drove straight to grandma and grandpa Edsalls house for the weeny roast and were there for a couple of hours. It was a long day for both of us. We were sure busy for the rest of the week though...

Finally a good family picture. This was after Lucy's blessing. It was a wonderful service.

The Horton's and the Sutton's

Mallory eating breakfast at Oma and grandpa's house. She is one messy girl and of course she hates to have her face wiped off.

On Monday Mallory and I visited my mom's work...the post office.

This is a tree we've had since I was little. Mom had it in the house and then decided to move it to her office. I think it's grown 4 feet in 2's huge.

After we visited my mom we went to G&G Edsalls again. Here is A. Anita walking Mallory.

Mallory playing w/ Gpa Edsall

Gma has this great cast iron stove w/ pots and pans. Mallory loved it.

Playing w/ the kittens...I think there are about 20 of them right now and another is going to have a litter pretty soon. She absolutely loved the kittens...I think this was her favorite part of the trip.

Eating grass. She ended up throwing it right back up (kind of like a dog) made me laugh. She also ate some dirt...I couldn't get it out of her hands quick enough before she got it in there. Oh well it just makes her immune system stronger:)

Oma and Gpa Bidney have this swing on the carport and she LOVED it. It was pretty funny watching her just chill.

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Of course she has to stay clean:) Here is Oma giving her a bath in the sink. She loved it.

Total relaxation...

Unfortunatlly my card in the camera ran out of room so I only got pictures thru half of Tuesday. We stayed until Thursday. Oma has more pictures so once I get them from her I'll post them.

We finally got to see Josh on Sunday. That is the LONGEST time either of us has gone w/out seeing each other. We missed each other very much. Josh left Thursday night to go turkey hunting and didn't get anything...bummer!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

New things and Easter

This post is mostly pictures so enjoy...

Mallory is such a quick she is figuring out that you don't always have to be in the exersaucer to get can crawl underneath and find the ones you dropped.

Who me???

And here she is coming took her a while to figure out how to do it w/out bumping her head.

So funny. I'm not sure what she was cracking up about but it must have been pretty funny.

Mal and Mommy

This is a t-shirt Nana got Mallory. It says: I'm here for the Party

Trying to figure out how to get the puffs out of the container

Almost there

Mallory's 1st trip to Kauffman. Her and dad went for the Royals practice game. Hopefully this year we will catch a couple of games as a family.

Walking w/ mommy. When she wants something she usually pulls up on me and holds on until I get it for sometimes that means she walks w/ me until I have a minute to get it.

Helping mom with laundry

Folding the sheets

Opening a present from Oma (g-ma Bidney)

Still trying to figure out how to get it open...daddy is helping

This is Mallory's favorite thing...getting in the tupperwear cabinet

Learning how to walk behind her Walk N' Ride

Cute video

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Grandpa Sutton holding Mallory on Easter...we were getting ready for the Easter egg hunt

Finding eggs

We made glitter eggs and of course those were the ones she wanted to put in her mouth and not the basket

Looking for more eggs

Daddy helping Mallory

Our family...Josh and Mallory didn't quite feel like getting their picture taken

More eggs. I think Nana, Aunt B and Uncle A hid about 20 eggs

Finally the Easter egg hunt is over.