Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Brain = Lack of Posts

Ok, so the baby brain is really getting to me...and I'm getting extremely lazy/tired. This is what we have been up to the last month. Just so you know these are totally out of order.
Today we went to Jen and P's house to celebrate Preston and Lucy's 2nd b-day. Everyone had a blast.
Moms and babes: (l to r floor): Emily and Mallory & pumpkin, Melana, Zach and Luke, Jen, Preston and Sprout (due October 4th); (L to R top): Megan and Oliver, Lacy and Ethan, Nanthida, Zoe and Lucy

Mallory found this toy and thought it was a heart Doppler (dr. office uses it to check the baby's heartbeat). 1st thing she did was lift up my shirt...then she did it to herself.

Preston got this awesome toy...a moonwalk/bouncer thing. The kids had a blast...and no cracked skulls or broken bones

P was giving Mallory some love for the present she gave him.

And some sugar...Mallory wasn't too thrilled about it but it was super cute.

Ethan and Mal coloring w/ their Elmo hats on.

Lucy and P mowing down on some cake.

Mal eating her frosting covered rice crispy treat. I feel so bad for her because I can tell she really wants to mow down on a cupcake. I need to make a batch and keep it in the freezer for situations like this. She's a trooper though.

Baby Luke mowing down.

Our big girl is in her BIG bed. This was her 1st night in the bed. She did really good and loves it. Just a couple more things to hang on the wall and her room will be done.

Playing in the dirt. My mom and dad were in town this weekend, but of course I didn't get any pictures...again baby brain.

Last Wednesday Mal and I met Melana and the boys at Penguin Park for a playdate. Mallory had a blast...despite it being really warm. She didn't want to leave.
Being a monkey

Riding the frog.

Zach riding the duck

Swinging on the tire swing

On August 7th my brother called and says "Hey Marcy and I are getting married next Saturday in Pennsylvania and we really want you to come." So Josh and I thought long and hard about it and decided it would be a lot of fun to take a road trip (because plane tickets were $1600 for all 3 of us). So we left on Thursday, August 14th @ 3pm and got into State College, PA (home of the Penn State Nittnay Lions) on the 15th around 4:30pm. It was quite an adventure but I wouldn't change a second of it. So here are some pics from the trip...out of order. Enjoy:
Penn State has it's own creamery and man was it yummy. Cute pics of Mal enjoying her mint chocolate chip

The whole Bidney clan (minus my grandma...she wasn't feeling well and stayed at the hotel): (l to r): Emily, Mallory, Josh, Grandpa Bill, Laura, Susie (Oma), Marcy, Drew and Dean (g-pa)

Marcy's brother Stephen and his family took a tour of the campus w/ us. Mallory made fast friends w/ his girls: Sadie, Mal and Emily...the only one missing was Pagie.

Oma and Mallory

Beaver Stadium. Just to give you some perspective...Arrowhead Stadium (home of the Chiefs) holds about 79,500 fans. Beaver Stadium holds close to 90,000 fans and is sold out every game. If you look closely, on the grass are parking spots. Each and every inch of the campus is taken up by die-hard Penn State fans on game day.

Mal and Me w/ Papa Joe Paterno

The old admin building

The library where Marcy works: Pattee Library & Paterno Library

The Bidney clan: Laura, me and Drew. Drew is telling the baby 'boy' (that's what he thinks it is) to come out.

Sibling picture.

Mal and Aunt Lala

Marcy and her nieces: Pagie, Sadie and Emily

The newly married couple and the flower girls.

On the way out to PA we stopped in Indianpolis to stay w/ Josh's cousin TJ and Sarah. We didn't get in until about 1am. Mallory was hyped up from being in the car so we let her play for a little while, then I tried to get her down so Josh and TJ could catch up. I could not get her to settle down for anything. She was screaming and throwing a this time it was 3 in the morning and Sarah and TJ had to get up in 3 hours...we were so scared that we were keeping them up, so we decided to take off and continue on.
Here is the pic of Mal when we left TJ and Sarah's house.

This was 10 minutes after we left

Josh driving at 4 am. We drove for about an hour and stopped at a rest area to get a couple of hours of sleep in before we made the rest of of the trip. That was an exciting part of our trip. Once we got to State College we were exhausted...but really glad we made it. Josh and I had to switch driving almost every hour because we were so tired.

Josh and Drew getting ready for the rehersal dinner in the park. The kids had a blast running around.

This is the church they got married in. It was beautiful. Congrats Drew and Marcy. We were honored to attend your wedding. Can't wait to come out and visit again.

About 2 weeks ago I saw my friend Elizabeth and her new addition to the family: Natalie Faye. She looks just like her sister. I can't believe she is a month old already.

Adrienne, Mallory and Natalie. Mal loved holding Natalie, except when she cried.

Mal wearing her cool dudes.

Mallory and BFF Janie. Janie is now in kindergarten so we don't get to see her every Tuesday anymore. Mallory still wakes up and asks where Janie is.

Playing in the pool

Such a big girl w/ her sunglasses and purse.

So that concludes the photo show. You'd think that I'd have more pictures to post...but again baby brain gets the best of me and I forget I have a camera sometimes.
The baby is doing great. I have another appointment next Wednesday. I can't believe we have 8 weeks left. My debate now is trying to decide when to wash all the baby clothes and put them away. I'll probably wait until early October so I'm not too far ahead of myself.
Mallory has done great w/ her new room. She doesn't even go into her old room...unless she wants to rock. We are keeping the rocking chair in the baby's room, so we have cut the rocking out of the night time routine. I can tell she misses it, but she will soon forget...until the baby gets here:) We need to find a small rocking chair just for her.
So unless baby brain makes things worse, I hope to post again soon. Sorry to all of those that check this often.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Last Wednesday I talked Josh into staying home from work so we could go to the Kansas City Zoo for just $2 each. We didn't even have to pay for Mallory, so in total we only spent $4. Luckily it wasn't too hot in the beginning...but as the day went on the sun came out and it got steamy. We left around 1pm. Everyone was ready to go by then. We didn't see Africa...but that's ok, we'll catch it next time.
Mal pushing the stroller...she's going to be a great big sister

Mallory and Oliver in the snake head thingy at the zoo

Dad and Mal walking like a Meerkat

Standing in front of the lion fountain

Cookie face after we ate lunch

Janie has been coming over every Tuesday for about a month now. We are very sad that today will be her last Tuesday...she is starting kindergarten next week. What a big girl. I know Mallory will miss her dearly.
Mallory and Janie playing a game of Holy board (it's kind of like washers)

G & G Edsall would be proud...Gpa Edsall made these boards for me. I haven't used them much but the girls enjoyed them

Look at how grown up Mallory looks w/ my high heels on.

Dad helping Mallory w/ her golf swing

A couple of Monday's ago I watched my friend Aron's kids. We had a blast at the park. After all the playing we took a snack break.
Abby, Mallory and Anthony

Cheese to the camera

Some of the ol' G-land girls have been getting together for playdates. It's the 1st playgroup we have been in that hasn't been dominated by boys.
Addie, Mallory and Lucy being goofy

Mallory getting some practice in for the new baby

A couple weeks ago we went to Da and Charles' for yummy dinner. Mallory and Lucy had a grand time playing. It was so cute because they were giggling like crazy. Wish I could have gotten it on video

Practicing their wrestling moves

A hug...or elbow???

I guess Lucy makes a good seat

I'm sure you all want to see this...a belly pic. This was taken at 25 weeks. I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow. I had my glucose appointment yesterday. I should find out about the blood work in a couple of days (hopefully I hear news is good news). Everything looks and sounds good. The baby's heartbeat was was around 153 at the last appointment. I have one more 4 week appointment then it's every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then it's once a week until the end. Time is flying by...and we still have a lot to get done.

So that's what we have been up to, just visiting w/ friends and have a good time before the summer is over.