Friday, June 27, 2008

Good finds and great pictures

I always feel I am about 2 weeks worth the pictures behind on the blog. By the time I post these I have 2 weeks on my camera I haven't loaded yet. We haven't been up to much lately. Just having fun and catching up with family.
Mal in her swing

I know I probably have 20 million pictures of her in this swing but she just can't get enough. The outside routine is: swing for about 15 min then we got inside to get a Popsicle that we eat outside. I think she just wants to go outside so she can get a Popsicle.

This would be the Popsicle eating part of the routine

She will take these huge bites then look at me like 'mom why did you let me do that'

A couple of weekends ago we saw some family. It was great to get together and we got a couple of good family pics

Mallory loved pushing Eli...even though he is only 3-4 lbs shy of her weight. She is getting her big sister practice in

We stayed w/ cousin Holly and Chris. They have an awesome hammock in their back yard. Mallory and Josh really enjoyed it. I on the other hand had quite a hard time getting up...luckily no one had a camera around:)

Mal and dad relaxin'

Living the good life

Until he had to get up:)

Mal playing w/ Vivian

Eli vs Mallory...he might have the weight but she's got the height

Belly picture. I know it isn't the best but at least I got one up.

Mal posing for pictures. She is so big

Oma and Mal eating some frosting

You know that one find you get at a garage sale that you are so proud of??? Well check mine out. And I got it for free...

I use to have one of these when I was little...but I would stand on the saddle and bounce. I love this thing! Mallory is saying 'cheese' for the picture

So that is our life in a nutshell for now. Like I said earlier I have about 2 weeks worth the pictures on my camera so I will be posting soon.
Oh update. The baby is doing great. I am officially in the 6th month now. I have my dr appointment next Friday to do the glucose test. Its hard to believe that in about 4 months this baby will be here. My mom and I went shopping yesterday for material to make blankets for the baby room. I must say I am nesting a lot more this time around. For example, I completely took the stroller and the car seat apart to wash it. I am ready to kick Mallory out of the crib and into her new room so that I can get the nursery put together. I have already pulled out all the neutral clothes and washed them...yet I have no place to put I will just have to wash them again. Oh well at least I am prepared this time. With Mallory I was in labor washing baby clothes and putting the crib together.

Anyway I will post again soon. Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boats and Cows

Wow it's been a busy couple of weeks. I'll spare the chatter and let you get to the pictures.
Mallory watching one of her 'movies' (Baby Einstein...they are a blessing). She had to have her babies and they had to be swaddled. Now if only I can teach her to swaddle before the baby comes that is one less thing I have to do.

We went to Nana's for a BBQ and Mallory enjoyed some pudding...a little too much

Messy, messy

Nana got to do the clean up. I got to soak the shirt as soon as we got home.

Aunt Sandy and cousin Amanda stopped by after Rockfest. Mal loves her aunt and cousin

Cheese...can you tell which one is the mom and which one is the daughter:) Aunt Sandy is on the left and Amanda is on the right. It was a treat to have them over.

Mal and dad enjoying another summer favorite...popsicles

She asks for them 1st thing in the morning.

We went to Rolla this weekend to visit Papa and GG. Mallory got her 2nd boat ride and she got to go on her 1st fishing experience.
My favorite picture of the weekend

Mal w/ mom's sunglasses on

Mal, mom and Papa

While Mal was napping Josh, Papa and I snuck out to go fishing. Don't worry GG watched Mal for us. I was the 1st to catch anything. John said I wasn't allowed to go fishing anymore.

Later on that evening we took Mallory out to go fishing w/ her Princess pole.
Mal got a bite and is trying to reel it in.

Showing off the big fishy

Tonight we went to the Antioch Library to meet some oxen.

It was pretty cool. Mallory was very patient and quiet. I was so proud of her. After the demonstration of how they work the kids were allowed to pet them.

Mallory thought petting them was the coolest thing ever. They are both only 3 yrs old and about 2,000 lbs each. They were very calm and all the kids loved them.

After a while they laid down and it was easier for the kids to pet them.

We couldn't get Mallory to quit petting them. She was pretty upset that we had to leave. She had a great time and will probably remember it for a long time. I think this girl was meant to be raised on a farm...she couldn't get enough of those cows/oxen.

Nothing new here. The baby is kicking a lot. I seriously think that by the end of the pregnancy I will probably pee my pants...this baby likes to kick me right in the bladder. I promise I will get a belly picture up. I am just as bad this time around w/ taking belly pictures. We have about 3 more weeks until our next appointment. Man this pregnancy is flying by.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer fun

Even though it isn't officially summer we have been enjoying the warm days outside.
A couple of weeks ago we had dinner at McCoy's in Westport (my favorite). So Mallory and I got gussied up w/ all of our pretty jewelry on.

This silly girl got ahold of some stickers and went a little crazy. She started by putting them just on her

Then poor Nacho got attacked by the sticker monster

And while Josh and I were having a photo montage, she was doing this...

Putting about 1/2 of the stickers on Nacho

And her face. So silly.

On of her most favorite summer foods is corn on the cob which she calls cob corn

Yum. She will seriously eat the whole thing by herself

We have been getting a lot of rain lately. We caught our 1st glimpse of a rainbow

Dad showing Mallory which direction the rainbow is

About a week ago we took a trip to the Independence Center to do some much needed shopping. After our lunch break we let Mallory get crazy w/ all the other kids at the play area...although she mostly just stood and starred.
She loved the cars w/ two steering wheels.

Taking the police car for a ride

Flash back: This was taken April 27, 2007 so a little more then a year ago. It's amazing how much she has grown.

Sweet baby

She wasn't even walking yet. Man time flies

For Mallory's birthday I made a bunch of Mickey Mouse hats for the kids to wear. Well as you can imagine there aren't too many 2 year olds that want to keep something on their head. I have a couple left over and Mallory likes to wear them around the house every once in a while. Here she is brushing her teeth w/ her Mickey ears on.

Saying cheese while brushing her teeth...she's a good multitasker

We have a beautiful rose bush in the front yard. Mallory loves to smell it every time she goes outside. We have told her many times not to grab it because it has ouchies. So every time she touches she says 'no touch, ouchy'.

Most of our days are spent outside in the yard or in the swing. Her favorite thing to do is wave at every car that drives by. Luckily she isn't at the age when someone doesn't wave back she doesn't take it personally.

Catching up on the news while on the pot

Tearing threw my wallet looking for money

We went to Amy and Eric's for a BBQ a couple of weeks ago. Mallory loves to visit w/ Eli. It was getting late so we changed in to pj's before we headed out.
Mal and Eli sharing some crib time

Eli is so cute and such a great baby. We actually visited Amy and Eli today. Mal and Eli got to watch a Baby Einstein video together.

Mallory and Oma

Saved the best for last. Pictures of the sonogram. I think we have officially dubbed this baby Pumpkin. It's pretty fitting since it is due around Halloween.
Profile shot. The baby's arm is grabbing it's ear

Head on shot. I always think this looks like an alien

Feet. The sonogram tech said she could see 10 fingers and 10 toes

Another profile shot.

The baby looks good and healthy. We go back in mid-July and I have to do my glucose test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. I'm not a fan of chugging a pure sugar drink 1st thing in the morning but it has to be done.

I threw my back out last Saturday. The recovery has been much slower then I thought it would be. I've been going to the chiropractor to get adjusted and have acupuncture done. It's helped tremendously and I am feeling much better. I just have to make sure I stretch daily and get more exercise in during the week. There is always something to do. Other then the back thing we have been doing good. I got Mallory's pool blown up, now we just have to wait for it to stop raining so I can get some water in it and she can play.