Monday, March 16, 2009

A month of somethings

Wow, I didn't realize it had been over a month since I have posted last. My apologies. Not much new is going on in our lives. I think we have all adjusted to mommy working and getting up early and going to bed early...I must say it is getting harder to go to bed around 8:30ish with the sun still kind of shinning. Well I'll stop blabbing and get to the pictures...which (by the way) are out of order.
It was a beautiful day this past Monday so we all decided to head out and play in the yard. Even Nacho came.

Self portrait of me and Chloe

Mallory having fun.

Mal and daddy swinging

This past weekend the girls and I went to Illinois to visit. We stopped by to visit my Great Aunt Audry before we left on Sunday. Mallory had a blast playing her organ...gotta love those swinging beats.

A. Audry and Chloe

Mallory got her 2nd ever hair cut by Aunt Sandy. Her curls are so pretty I hate to get her hair cut. She sat very still for Aunt Sandy and did a great job. We just got a trim. When she is older she can decide for herself if she wants to cut her hair. I love the look on her face in this picture.

Oma and Mal giving Chloe a bath.

Nothing like bathing in the sunshine

Mallory and Oma were playing catch w/ Lucy, the dog.

Before we left on Friday Chloe fell asleep in Josh's arms...what a sweet babe.

Mallory also fell asleep in her 'big dress' watching...Sleeping Beauty.

Last Saturday (3/7) we met the Keowns at Chucky Cheese. Mallory had a great time and was pretty worn out by the time we left...

riding in the car...all she wanted to do was ride things. Josh and I kept trying to get her to play games to win tickets...but she just wanted to ride...especially the carousel.

It was Avery's cousin Lacy's birthday so we celebrated w/ a cake delivered by Chucky

Mal giving Chucky a hug

Just taking a break.

Mal and Chloe

My sweet babies. Mal loves to hold Chloe and Chloe doesn't mind at all.

This pic looks funny (my camera was acting up) but it was a really good shot.

Mal burping her baby doll

Big girl Chloe getting some tummy time.

Chloe is learning to sit up so well. She is almost able to do it by herself...her cute little chubby stomach gets in her way sometimes.


The last weekend of Feb we had breakfast w/ Amy and Eric while Sarah and Stephanie were in town. We had a great time and the kids had fun playing.
All the cousins.

February 28 we had a huge snow (6 inches). So of course we all dressed up (excluding Chloe...she was alseep and warm inside...don't worry I took the monitor out w/ me) and decided to play in the snow. We had a great time. After we all came in for some hot chocolate. Mallory gulped hers down and it left a nice stash behind.

Mal helping daddy shovel

Making a snow angel

Pretty snow

Getting ready to go outside.

More Mal and Chloe pictures

The girls in 'mommy and daddys' bed w/ Nacho before bedtime.

Nakey baby

Chloe and Ashten at our yearly Valentine's Day Party for playgroup

All the kids...except Zach, Luke, Oliver and Milo

My Aunt Carol sent Mallory a care package of dressup clothes that her granddaughter is too big for. Mallory was so excited and tried on everything as soon as she pulled it out of the box. Thanks Aunt Carol. Mallory loves dressing up like a princess.

Mal rocking her dolly

Chloe getting her 1st bottle of formula. It was a sad thing for me b/c she had just been strickly breastfeed but it was getting hard for me to keep up w/ her at work. We decided to try the formula at home to see how she would do. She did fantastic w/ it. She is still mostly breastfeed and I still pump at work so I have come to terms w/ it. I will continue to nurse her as long as I can. I only pump once a day at work but she is starting to spread her feedings out to every 5-6 hrs...we haven't even started her on cereal yet which will probably spread them out even more. My, my she is growing fast. I weighted her today and she is 14 lbs 8 oz. She gained over a pound since last week. I still can't believe she will be 6 months on the 6th.

Mallory playing house under the table. This picture is hilarious because it looks like she is posing like model.

I still swaddle Chloe at night or when she is really, really tired but during the day we usually let her be 'free' and she loves to have blanket over her face when she is really tired. Even if you just set it on her lap she will grab it and put it up to her face. Too cute.

So this has been our month of somethings. Chloe has her 6 month checkup next month. Mallory is going to her dr on Monday so we can see an allergist and get her retested for her food allergies. We think she isn't allergic to wheat anymore...we have given her quite a few wheat products and no hives...but we want to get her tested to make sure. I will keep you updated on what we find out. Work is going great. I love getting off at 2 especially now that it's getting nice. It's been rough getting up at 4am though...but it's worth it because I don't even feel like I am working full time since I get off so early. I will try to post sooner then I did last time.