Thursday, January 21, 2010

I should be sewing right now

The title is true...I should be sewing, but instead I'm updating the blog for those of you who don't have facebook. So here is what has happened lately:

Josh and I had our 3rd anniversary last night. We went to an awesome place called Extra Virgin for dinner then went to Harpos for a after dinner drink. We had a wonderful time. Happy Anniversary babe!!!

On Tuesday the girls and I went to Lacy's house to distract her from painting. Clo fell asleep on Ethan's bed. I would have never been able to get Mallory to do that. I guess that is the luxury of having a 2nd child that is very laid back.

This week I started putting hair ties in Chloe's hair. It's finally long enough to keep them in. She looks so cute w/ them in.

Mal and Ethan waiting for their pudding.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Chillocothe for Janie's 7th birthday. We had a great time and Mallory was so excited to see Janie. Happy Birthday Janie.

Brooke holding Mallory so she could see.

Mal and Clo's nap times were on opposite schedules for a while so when Mal would got down Clo would be getting up. My house was a complete mess during those few weeks. Nap time is when I get everything done. Needless to say they are finally on the same schedule somewhat. So I got a lot of one on one time w/ the girls. Here is some play time w/ Chloe.

Saying cheese

Big girl

The things you do to get your children to take medicine. We let Mallory drink apple juice out of a shot glass. Parents of the year...but at least we get her to take the medicine.

This is the most recent addition to our family...the Sit and Stand stroller. I am so happy we got it. We haven't been able to use it quite yet because we've been inside through most of this yucky, cold weather. But I am so excited to break it in...I will be sad when it starts to get dirty from all the use.

Cheesy Clo looking so smart on the computer.

Play time w/ Mal. She got to use the easel we got her for Christmas. She loves to paint.

The girls being silly.

That's pretty much all we've been up to during January. Staying inside and playing. Almost all the snow is melted...we were hoping for at least one more good snow storm to play in but we will see.

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