Monday, March 01, 2010

The findings of February

Not much new to share about February...just stir crazy!!! As much as we love the snow, I would also like to be able to get out of the house. So A LOT of these pictures are inside and of the girls watching TV;) I know I'm mother of the year...

My Clo in her bibs...actually they are Mallory's (Aunt Lala got them for her) but since she had grown out of them along time ago Chloe gets the pleasure of wearing them now.

The girls watching Sesame Street

Clo wishing she was outside playing in the snow

Mal and dad made a boy snowman (she didn't have eyelashes or long hair so she couldn't be a girl...per Mallory)

Getting ready to play in the snow

har har...this picture is so funny. Chloe's new thing is to ride her pony while she is eating a snack. I love her face, priceless

Someone replaced my eldest with Snow White reading a newspaper

Snack time and TV, gotta love it

Me and the girls getting ready to go to the store...we all have our puffy vests on:)

The girls and I travelled to Illinois for a mini-vaca. We had a great time visiting and seeing relatives...wish we could have stayed longer but I had to work.
Again, watching TV, probably Sesame Street

Of course a favorite past time is playing the piano

I got some old toys out for the girls to play with. I have some fond memories of this particular car set.

We had to duck tape the pieces together so that Chloe wouldn't tear it apart.

Some cuddle time after a bath

Clo coloring. She is getting pretty good but I have to watch her because as soon as I turn my head the crayons are in her mouth.

Snow White again and her sidekick Chloe...or as I would like to call her there a dwarf named Whinny???

Nothing like spying on the neighbors:) I'm sure they are watching a cat or something in the yard

Mallory enjoying some lunch with Nacho. He loves to be your seat buddy if there is enough room

Chloe having a snack on the pony and making another weird face.

Mal putting on some lip gloss (also known as glip gloss)

Nothing like a little play time at Zona Rosa

Both girls LOVE the slide.

One of the few moments where they actually share things

Chocolate Cookie anyone???

Someone kicked Snow White to the curb and turned into Cinderella

More playtime at Zona. Adrienne, Mallory and Eli eating lunch.

Look mom it's a pretzel mustache (or mustard...hahaha I love Malloryisms)

So that was our life in February. Pretty boring. We are all looking forward to some warmer weather and possible playing outside. Come on spring we are READY!!!

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